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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Why Do I Blog?

Dear all my Blogger friends in Indonesia, Happy National Blogger Day! 

National Blogger Day was proclaimed on October, 27, 2007 by the Minister of Communication and Information Technology at the first national blogger party (Pesta Blogger) in Jakarta. It's the biggest blogger gathering around the country, attended by 500 bloggers. Actually, the first Pesta Blogger was held one year after I signed up and joined blogging platform.

Starting My First Blog

I started writing blog 12 years ago. Some people would say "COOL! Awesome! or Great!", but I think this is not something that determines or becomes a measure that I am a reliable blogger. I'm not that good. I always try my best. What I realize, there are so many young and new bloggers that have better writing skills, even their blogs are better than mine. Whereas, I still use the old template, but I love it so much.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Bandung Independent School Community Presented The Grand Musical Drama Sangkuriang

It's an honor for me to have the opportunity to be invited to 45th Bandung Independent School (BIS) anniversary celebration. The school community presented the grand musical drama Sangkuriang. It's entitled A Tale of Dayang Sumbi: "Continuous Misfortune", scripted and directed by Kiki Permana. The main cast is Narda Virelia as Dayang Sumbi, she is alumni of BIS and the 1st runner up Miss Indonesia 2018. She's beautiful, smart, and multi-talented.

My son and I at BIS theater
I took my son with me, he's so excited. It's the first time for him to watch the musical drama about Sangkuriang folktale. It's a form of theatrical performance that combines traditional music, Sundanese songs, spoken dialogue, dancing, and acting. It's one of the famous fairy tales stories in Indonesia. This folktale comes from West Java. The story is about the son (Sangkuriang) was falling in love with his mother (Dayang Sumbi). I really enjoyed the show. Here, I'm going to tell you the story of Sangkuriang. 

A Tale of Dayang Sumbi: "Continuous Misfortune"

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Classic Tale of Sleeping Beauty: Briar-Rose

We must be familiar with fairy tales. I used to listen to fairy tale stories when I was a child, my favorite was the bed time stories. Fairy tales generally take place in a far-off place and time, typically begin with “Once upon a time.” In the land of fairy tales, magical happens. A fairy tale often tells the story of an individual, takes into the entire life, and generally ends happily. The traditional and common closing line of a fairy tale is, “...and they lived happily ever after.”

In the early 19th century, the German brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, scholars who studied folklore, linguistics, and literary history, began collecting and recording old German folktales. The tales were often full of supernatural elements such as witches, talking animals, and magical kingdoms. One of the tales that the Grimm brothers collected was a version of the story of Sleeping Beauty known as Briar-Rose.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Rescue and Pet A Cat

Most of children love pets. Pets may be cuddly, fun, and playful. They can delight us with their grace, cuteness, and become a part of the families. Cats and dogs are the most popular pets. Many people keep small animals like birds, rabbits, hamsters, fish, turtles, and the reptiles, those are most often kept as pets.

Our family ever kept some small pets from hamsters to fish. Our son, Vito, really wanted to pet some animals so bad. Sadly, he was just too little to keep them all, he hasn't understood yet how to take good care of his pets. So we decided not to pet the animals until he understands enough.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

There Will be Time

He pedals for miles and never gives up.
He always asks me to watch, but he allows himself to be in his zone.
He doesn't always ask me to be next to him.
He just wants me to be a witness of his life and his journey. 
He sometimes falls, but he stands-up again.

There will be time, he continues his own life, without asking me to be always with him. 
At that time, I believe that he would be able to stand, walk, and rise with his own without any hesitation.

I love you, son, with all my life. May Allah always bless you. ♥

With love,