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All Things Around University (First Impression)

It's my first blog post on my blog. I just want to write and share anything in my daily life. This is my first year in university. I take English major in the Faculty of Languages, so I just need a media to write my ideas or what I want to share in English, hopefully I can study harder and improve my skill as well.

Now, here's what I feel about university's life...

I have been so hung up on cricket related things that I have neglected to inform about university. University is the hub of clubs, societies, and fun/crazy/weird groups. It is also the place I go to learn. I am not part of the crazy groups as I tend to stray from weirdness. Funny that! It's just that I find it too much to have to force myself to socialize with people. If I have to force myself, then it's not really right or should I say natural and chances are I probably am not meant to befriend that person. But there are some people that I've met that I don't need to force myself to talk to and that conversation flows really well with. The whole freak of new people is such a daunting figure that it makes you seem so small and yet, this image of smallness is so real.

Lectures were tough but I think I've got the skill of note taking now. I find it hard to stay awake in my early morning, 7am, lectures. But the aid of the bright lights in the lecture room cures that. It is at my 1pm/5pm lectures that I find it hard to stay awake because the room is relatively dark. Quizzes are freaking me out. I am not sure about how much I am suppose to study and not, thus this first quiz will prove to be a bit of an indication of how I am going. So I'll have to give you the score on that. The thing I fear the most about university is the loss of personality. Coming from a place where my personality was so known and so recognized to a place where no one cares about who I am, what I like makes me feel like just another face in the crowd and I hate that feeling. I hate the impersonality of lecture rooms. That is why tutorials are much better and gradually in time, I'm sure my tutorial classes with get much better acquainted with each other.


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