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Monday, February 5, 2007

My Lifestyle (A-Z)

A. Memorize.
B. Fight off my irritability and temperamental attitude.
C. It is not the quantity but the quality.
D. Follow what is effective for me.
E. In Allah I trust.
F. Organize and prioritize.
G. First things first.
H. Don't toxify myself or else I will crack.
I. Don't be afraid to be different.
J. Read something over and over again.
K. Simplify my plan so I can be carried out easily.
L. Action speaks louder than words.
M. Never mind the conceited. Mind our own intelligence improvement.
N. From small things to bigger things.
O. Love of music.

P. The art of discipline and control.
Q. Wisdom in action.
R. Love of mankind.
S. More in-depth and more serious study.
T. Safety first.
U. Laziness is history.
V. Messing up is history.
W. Confusion and disorganization is chaos.
X. Knowledge without application is fruitless.
Y. Beat the cravings.
Z. Hands at work.

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