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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Child Development

It is from my personal point of view. I am a proud mother of Fahrevi Devito Subhan, I enjoyed the maternity things such the period during pregnancy or around the time of childbirth and now I love living in this motherhood. Talk about child development, physical, intellectual, social, and emotional changes that occur from birth to adolescence. Although people change throughout their lives, developmental changes bad are especially when they faced dramatic or tragic live in childhood.

Many abilities and characteristics developed in childhood last a lifetime. During this period, a dependent, vulnerable newborn grows into a capable young person who has good in languages, is self-aware, can think and reason with sophistication, has a distinctive personality, and socializes effortlessly with others.

Some developments in behavior and thought are very similar for all children. Around the world, most infants begin to focus their eyes, sit up, and learn to walk at comparable ages, and children begin to acquire language and develop logical reasoning skills at approximately the same time. These aspects of individual growth are highly predictable. Other aspects of development show a much wider range of individual differences. Whether a child becomes outgoing or shy, intellectually advanced or average, or energetic or subdued depends on many unique influences whose effects are difficult to predict at the child’s birth.

A variety of factors influence child development. Heredity guides every aspect of physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and personality development. Family members, peer groups, the school environment, and the community influence how children think, socialize, and become self-aware. Biological factors such as nutrition, medical care, and environmental hazards in the air and water affect the growth of the body and mind. Economic and political institutions, the media, and cultural values all guide how children live their lives. Critical life events, such as a family crisis or a national emergency, can alter the growth of personality and identity. Most important of all, children contribute significantly to their own development. This occurs as they strive to understand their experiences, respond in individual ways to the people around them, and choose activities, friends, and interests. Thus, the factors that guide development arise from both outside and within the person.

Why is the study of child development important? One reason is that it provides practical guidance for parents, teachers, child-care providers, and others who care for children. A second reason is that it enables society to support healthy growth. Understanding early brain development, for example, means that parents can provide better opportunities for intellectual stimulation, and society can reduce or eliminate obstacles to healthy brain growth. Third, the study of child development helps therapists and educators better assist children with special needs, such as those with emotional or learning difficulties. Finally, understanding child development contributes to self-understanding. We know ourselves better by recognizing the influences that have made us into the people we are today.


  1. Woow, I don't think I am able to write as good as you, Zia. Proud of you. I have read some of your blog posts in English, almost in all articles you have shown your ability and capability in a written English. Let's do practise with me your spoken English. My written English is exactly so-so...so I have to learn from you.

    1. Bunda, thank you so much. Also, I'm really proud of you. You always inspire me, give me kind of great motivation and support me as well.

      Wohoo, let's have some English practice, Bunda. Love you, hugs!

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