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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Self-independence of Children

Ayah, Vito, and Bunda
Our son Vito has stepped on the age of two years and now into his third year in 2012. This year he has started his first lead to self-independence.  
"at school "how does it work?"
The years before entering school is a time to increase his capability on its own self-knowledge, and time to start understand the concept of social interaction and the difference between personal conduct in public. Even more than in the first year, a child must be understood according to certain developmental stages. The actual calendar age may not be so important, because of the development of every child is not always the same. Sometimes there are some special surprises along the physical and mental development which can be encountered suddenly and unconscious.

Playing is an activity that carried the children to have fun. Besides playing, reading a book will be more extensive. Unfortunately, not all children love to read. Well, how do we make children love reading? I am very grateful, I and my husband have passion in reading some books at least it will give positive attitude indirectly against my son, and he loves reading as well. Of course reading is something that should not be forced. Bring a child into the world of fun book by reading, recognizing numbers or letters, familiar animals, or objects of interest through the book will be very useful.

"My parents introduce me to the books."
Entering the age of two years and above, the school becomes meaningful to introduce children to be sociable. Learning while playing is a good combination. Excessive fear is caused by psychological experience of the school or the outside environment, it would be dangerous, like children who do not have confidence in their self or children who find themselves unable to deal with other people outside the family. The role of parents in encouraging children is very important because it would be more concerned in order to prevent the children become shy or not confident.

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