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Mercenary Life Distortion

"Romance does not mean to give someone a bag of chocolate, give a bunch of flowers, or make a poetry about love."

For him, war is a romance with a little wrinkle. Sharing food or drinks when supplies were gone, giving last bullet to shoot the enemy in front of the eyes, protecting friend, sign up to donate life as a matchless devotion. Rather than simply providing a bullet, this is an engraving defend the country on behalf of a loyalty, but this is not just following orders, it is a decision with a logic of "to kill or be killed".

His life's journey is not easy. Departing from a feudal family, he was born as a man of principle, not be swayed by anyone,  firm character, and he is a kind of people who do not like to beat around the bush. A military family background inherited from generation to generation in the next generation, it is automatically flowed in his blood and rooted in him. He was the eldest of four children, three siblings all men who traces his life journey was similar but not identical, they were raised by a tough father.

His world is very hard, stiff, cold, and frozen. He must fight for his life, for him, just for him. No one was willing to care for himself and others that can not he love and care about, even the family, which is the only hope of life was now away. In the dictionary of his life, there is only "trust no one!"

His life was characterized by a wide range of conflicts of life. Now all faced with the choice of living things. He realized that he was not the same as the people around him. He is clearly at odds with them. With all these considerations, he decided to join the foreign legion as a mercenary army. He began his life by stepping a decision, it would be difficult to understand in the future, the risk is very clear and unequivocal "life". But it is true that life once again has to choose.

After high school he entered into the body of the Army Military Academy, until he received his military education for four years. However, the conflict has made him saturated in it because he was always involved in all of the problems occurred. Finally he decided to quit. His decision to quit is not as easy as people think, he must go through a very heavy military trial. Everything he went through with a submission.

Then he was invited by one of the retired to join in a private business entity that is engaged in security services known as private military contractors who actually engaged in the supply of services, training, security but are also often involved in conflicts and even military action, especially at the request of service users .

Mercenary, he is now officially as one of mercenaries. He was chosen because of his potentials and skills are very promising. He is intelligent, agile, and resilient, not half-hearted He mastered 13 languages: Indonesian, English, Germany, French, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Mandarin, and five regional languages ​​(Malay, Sundanese, Padang, Batak, and Javanese) He was very understanding with machines and weapons, he was known also as a tactic of war.

In 1995, his age was only 22 years old, it is the starting point where he must perform tasks on a decision that was his choice. He began to take up arms on the battlefield, he must undergo the duties and responsibilities as well as possible. When that feeling of disbelief had enveloped him, when he was sent to Bosnia-Herzegovina to fight. An organization has hired him to fight on European soil precisely in southeastern Bosnia. At that time Muslims were systematically massacred by the Serbs.

This time the decision was not due to war to defend the country, very far from the word of 'nationalism'. Everything is just for the sake of loyalty, he also knows that the mercenaries are like a dog to be obedient to his master with a little respect for the ideology. Thankful, the first war he did was to defend and help fellow Muslim brothers in Bosnia war. The first war he got shrapnel lodged in the back of the body right. Risks are inevitable. However, grateful he came home safely.

After the war he must first go to the next wars that have been scheduled. He felt very tired, but there was no goal in life other than through the decisions he had taken. "Trade" promises mercenaries, because they are known to be more daring action than even the regular army special forces, with their makeshift armor actually able to penetrate the front line in a war.

"HATE!" A word that often he made. "War is always a gaping incised wound". In many areas of armed conflict such as Bosnia-Herzegovina and other countries that suffered a similar fate, clear ethics of war in other parts of the State of any code of ethics is always exceeded. Civil killed, women raped, and even young children become bait / tools of war. It sucks!

In one night, when he was walking down the street. He saw a woman without power who are pregnant mercilessly raped by a gunman. Those who raped women as enemies to be humiliated and excluded, they think women's bodies as part of the battle. He can not stay silent about atrocities that occurred, he slowly approached and fired a gun right straight toward his head, one shot is enough to make the rapist army did not move it anymore. The woman was already unable to speak, he was rushed to take him to safety. One of a thousand things he'd go through in war.

The experience of war makes him does not fear anything. People say that they only fear God, but another thought "God is not to be feared but to be loved." In the dusk he was always talking to God ... "God ... I'm tired ... maybe now I'll never be able to rest with peace... I know that my place is to be resting beside you ... you sent me to this world, so take me to your side Lord ... "



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