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Healthy Food for Kid

Healthy food for kid is very important. Now my son, Vito, has grown into toddler. Caring for toddlers is no less complex than infant care, because of the development of the body and emotional. Infants and children tend to have a high curiosity and want to get so much attention in providing food for children under five years, you must be very careful, you should have a varied nutritious to support its development. Do not let your children grow up to be the kids who do not like vegetables, picky eater, or allergic to certain foods.

Since the baby until now, after the age enough to accept various food, I'm not getting my child eat foods that sold outside, I prefer to make it by myself. When the age is stepping to 4 years old, usually some kids become accustomed to have snack. Snack on the market today is very worrying especially many crafty merchants seized the opportunity to cheat on processed foods sold as excessive use of MSG, preservatives should not and did not in the correct dose, as well as the foods they serve are not hygienic, of course this is not kind of healthy food for kid to eat.

What type of food do the children like? Children in this age can be given healthy food to eat but shape cutting and processing methods should also be considered. Vito’s favorite is quite as simple as sweet corn soup, boiled peanuts, omelet, mashed potato, steamed carrots, pudding, various fruits or juices, etc. All of that can be cooked at home. My son does not like snacks and not used to have snacks like chiki (common snack in Indonesia). The food should be varied so that children do not feel bored.


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