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Friday, July 12, 2013

Children Diabetes Prevention

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Diabetes disease is identical revealed by genetic. It is kind of metabolic failure in a person who has high blood sugar. The pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin and cells that don't respond to it well. Actually this disease can strike anyone. LIfe styles and pattern of food consumption is the main factor that lead to the high risk of diabetes. You can prevent diabetes as soon as possible. Nowadays, obesity in children is a proof of the increasing risk of diabetes. Here are some ways to reduce blood sugar and to prevent the increasing of children diabetes:

  • You can innovate and create some menu variations so that children won't get bored, but you should still pay attention to the food combination of child's daily consumption.
  • You can also give the child a homemade food for school. The food would have guaranteed hygiene and wellness, so this is not junk food for child.
  • You must provide an understanding and knowledge of good nutrition for the growth and health to children.
  • You need to teach and encourage children to routine some activities and exercises.
  • It's a good idea to prepare a healthy and nutritious snacks and regular eating pattern. Don't let children consume too much chocolates or candies.

The points above could be a way of lowering blood sugar levels in anticipation against diabetes especially for the patterns and lifestyles that should be applied to children.

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