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Sunday, August 18, 2013


My little photographer, Vito

" Photography is not about the tools, it's about passion "

Let me talk a bit about photography. Who doesn't like to be photographed or capturing photograph? Surely someone likes one of them or both. I love photography, but I'm not a professional photographer, yet! I'm interested in this field, for me it's really exciting and challenging. Sometimes I make experiments with a photograph by using the application on my smartphone or creating something unique when capturing the photo object.

A lot of people can make such creative works because idea never dies. Sometime I take my cute boy Vito as the model. He's very talented and also he can pose freely and naturally, as much as I can capture the moment and get some great expressions on the photographs. I also can capture the object from the things around me and it's really fun indeed. Whatever the tool is, we can make a good photograph. The most important thing in photography is we should have high passion on it.

I posted some photographs on INSTAGRAM @ziasubhan

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