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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fun Learning Tips

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These days, kids are more interested in playing games and the Internet rather than reading a book. It can not be denied. This time most of the parents are facilitating their children with a variety of sophisticated gadgets such mobilephone / smartphone, or tablet. This obviously makes them become addictive. Well! Here, the role and responsibilities which is required by the parents.

Compared to the current information technology which has not been developed rapidly yet, children usually learn enough with book and pen / pencil. However, because of the times, the modern way of learning should be more desirable.

I am a mother of one and also an English private teacher. I want to share some fun learning tips to parents or teachers. Here are the tips in order to make children not to feel bored when learning:

  • Create a fun learning environment, for example, occasionally taking children to learn in a park or in open space.
  • Avoid learning as dictating, always involve your child in the learning process.
  • Establish communication with children well
  • Encourage the child to learn in a way that is more appealing by utilizing technologies such as gadgets.

The last point, learning can be done by utilizing the technological sophistication as much as possible by using a device such as a smartphone or tablet that you have. With the Android operating system base on your gadget, especially for you Indonesian, I strongly recommend to download and install one of applications that can be used as a medium of learning that can make children would be very interesting to try. This learning application is Aplikasi Anak Cerdas. This application features a complete learning-based in an exciting way for elementary students. You can also find the other applications that feature an interesting way to learn, kids must love that.

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  1. Yes these learning are tips are great fun for kids. As an English private teacher your teaching experience will encourage to all the students to learn with a new way. You are right that parents can play their role and responsibility to develop their child. They can create a fun learning environment by following these tips.