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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Let The Children Play

Childhood is an interesting, fun, and challenging period. For children, every new experience is an opportunity to learn and grow. This is the most critical time to build the foundations of physical, mental, and emotional that will support their future adulthood. The growth of children is guided by the values ​​and goals that direct contact with them.

Vito loves to play. At the time of playing, he's not easy to feel tired. The place he likes most is playground, field, garden, and library. Playing can stimulate his development, especially outdoors games such as playing bicycle or activities that have direct interaction with nature such as water play, sand, soil / sludge.

Playing is very  important and meaningful for children. They able to interact and socialize with environmental and social good. Through playing, children can measure the ability and potential that exists whithin, like mastering a wide range of objects, understand its properties, as well as events that occur in the vicinity. Children will have a tendency to fantasy and play. At the time of play, the child will feel a range of emotions such as happy, satisfied, happy, and learn to understand the emotional upset when losing or failing in the games Playing is also an attractive means of education and fun for children. The games provides an opportunity for children to know different kinds of rules, how to play honest, loyal, sportsmanship, and follow the rules of the game. It is good for their psychical development in the future.


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