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Thursday, August 6, 2015

The First Day of (Elementary) School

The first day of school can be probably tough for parents and especially for the children, but with some preparation it will not be too difficult for us to deal with the situation. When the children are ready to enter elementary school, the children have to be toilet-trained, also they should eat their meals by them self, because it would be different when they're still in kindergarten. So, we need to practice those skills and make the children used-to.

July, 1st was Vito's first day at elementary school. I thought he would be nervous about starting, some children worried in their first day, but Vito's a sociable boy. He got a boost to adapt well and make some friends. In the first week, the students attend for half a day. The days after, they will be at school for full-day from 08.00 AM - 15.30 PM. 

Whatever the child's reaction, the teachers will have seen it all. In Vito's school there was a psychology test before, so they have a system to help children how to adjust. The children seem really excited, enjoyed, and happy.

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