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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Best Ways to Find Location for Wedding Outdoor in Jakarta

Marriage is a very coveted by every lovers. Love that has existed for a long time must be tied up in a holy matrimony. True marriage will unite two human hearts, to share, to love each other and understand each other until the death separates. having the best wedding is thing everybody wants. No matter how much budget you have, creating a concept of best marriage is the thing that becomes a liability.

The preparations must be arranged properly in order to get the best results. One of the most important preparations for organizing a wedding is the choice of venue. For those of you who live in Jakarta, or choose to hold the wedding in the capital city of Indonesia, there are some things you should consider in determining the best location, especially if you want to have the concept of an outdoor wedding, then thinking of Jakarta wedding outdoor location should be planned from the beginning. So, here are some determinations you have to note in choosing the best wedding venue.

1.    The first thing you should do is determining the concept of what you want to use in your wedding. If you select the outdoor theme, then set the theme you want to use. It will be better to discuss with your partner about concepts and themes that you want to use. Do not forget to specify a budget that will be issued to order the venue. By knowing the concept would you use and the available budget, you can reduce the number of options existing venue so that you do not need to go to many places that are inconsistent with the concept and the budget you have.

2.    The second thing is the location of the venue. A wedding is not just aimed at you, but also for all the guests so that they are happy to join on your happiness. Do not let the location of the venue you choose makes them not come in your best day. Choose a venue with a location that is easily accessible to invited guests. If you want to choose a venue that is somewhat remote location, estimate travel times of the guests invited to the venue location. One of the best ideas for choosing outdoor venues in Jakarta is to use the services of wedding vendors, such as Bridestory. They offer a beautiful location, the Batavia Sunda Kelapa Marina as the best venue.

3.    The third is asking the facilities that owned or offered by vendors. Before ordering, please come to the venue that you want. View and note every detail of venues which will you choose. Ask what facilities are offered. Some vendors have a wide range of facilities that can make your wedding more perfect. To get the best vendor, you can try to visit http://www.bridestory.com/indonesia/jakarta/wedding-venue, to find the best vendors in choosing the venue for your wedding.

4.    The last is coming to the venue a day or two days before the event was held. By doing so, you can make sure everything is perfect and none of preparation or detail will be missed.


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing these tips on finding best location for wedding outdoor. Your tips are truly very beneficial for me and searching for awesome local Seattle Venues for my ceremony. Hoping to find one in budget soon.

    1. Hi Zerry,

      You're welcome. You must be very excited about your wedding plan. I hope the preparation will run well and also the budget will be fulfilled soon.


  2. Great readinng your blog post