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Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom

Since Vito was just a little baby until now he still likes to watch Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom. It's fantasy British animated (pre-school) children's television series. We watch it on NickJr TV channel. It's a recommendation for parents who have a baby or toddler. We might also like it because the story is very entertaining, educational, good, funny, unique, and fun. It can strengthen character of children like about the attitude, behavior, how to socialize, and solve problems well.

The show is set in a Little Kingdom. It's ruled by King and Queen Thistle, they live in the Little Castle. The Kingdom has a population of Elves (who live in The Great Elf oak-tree), Fairy Princesses populations who live in the fairy village in houses made out of toadstools, and also Dwarves.

Here are some characters on Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom;

Ben Elf
He lives with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Elf. He lives in the Great Elf Tree. He can be quite tentative when it comes to using magic. Ben wears a blue shirt, a blue pair of shorts and blue triangular hat with an oak leaf sticking out and has red hair. He has many friends, and his best friend is Princess Holly.
Holly Thistle
She lives with her parents, King and Queen Thistle, and with her little sisters (Daisy & Poppy). She likes to use magic despite the risk of things going wrong. Ben is her best friend. She wears a pink dress, a small crown, and has blond hair.
King Thistle
King Thistle rules over the Little Kingdom. He is the husband of Queen Thistle and the father of Princess Holly, Daisy, and Poppy. He is often hungry and grumpy, and sometimes hates having a bath. He has no hair, but he has a brown beard. He wears a brown shirt and has a dark yellow crown.
Queen Thistle
Queen Thistle is the Queen in the Little Kingdom and the wife of King Thistle. She is the mother of Princess Holly, Daisy, and Poppy. She is very responsible. She wears a turquoise dress and has a shiny crown and blond hair. Queen Thistle is Queen Marigold's younger sister.
Daisy and Poppy
They are Holly's cheeky little twin sisters. They're not very good at magic, but they don't stop trying, They are quite cheeky and usually end up causing trouble with magic. Daisy wears a yellow dress, while Poppy wears a red dress, and they both have brown hair. As Daisy and Poppy are very naughty,
Nanny Plum
Nanny Plum is the nanny and 'teacher' of Holly, Daisy and Poppy. She is the general housekeeper for the King and Queen. She is very good at magic and capable of speaking many animal languages and even alien. She often ends up into all kinds of trouble which she was trying to prevent Holly and friends from getting into. She is also a tooth fairy. She wears a purple dress and has black hair. She is very good at cleaning with magic. She rivals the Wise Old Elf. She is a teacher at the Fairy School and also works as a maid.
The Wise Old Elf
An elf that lives in the same tree as Ben at the top. He also is the Wise Old Tailor, the elf doctor, and the librarian. He also runs the Elf School and The Elf factory. His hat contains an oak leaf. He rivals Nanny Plum and strongly disapproves of magic, but used to admire magic. He had three sons, two of which are pirates, Redbeard the Elf Pirate and Captain Squid, and a sensible son who later decided to be a Viking, as shown in the episode 'Fathers Day'. The Wise Old Elf's real name is Cedric. He went to college with Granny and Granpapa Thistle. He has a twin brother, an Arctic Elf named The Wiser Older Elf.
Mr. Elf
Mr. Elf is Ben Elf's father. His job is to deliver items to various places such as food in the Little Kingdom as well as working for the elf farm and is the pilot of the Elf Plane. Mrs. Elf complains he always works too hard. He likes all fairies. He is often grumpy.
Mrs. Elf
Mrs. Elf is Ben Elf's mother. She has a lily leaf and a flower in her hat and she has brunette hair. She likes to repeat things over and over until someone says "Thank you, we get the idea". Originally one of the smarter characters, as the show progresses she becomes one of the sillier characters.
Gaston Ladybird
Gaston is a male ladybird who lives in a small cave. He likes his house being messy as well as food that is "smelly and foul". He doesn't mind giving Ben rides when Ben needs to fly. Nanny Plum translates for him quite often. He acts quite similar to a dog, making a barking sound when he 'speaks', and fetching sticks. Gaston has two nieces, Amber and Emerald, and a nephew, Keith.
Granpapa Thistle
Granpapa Thistle is King Thistle's father. He is a fairy with a white moustache who lives in a castle in the clouds and his real name is Victor.
Granny Thistle
Granny Thistle is King Thistle's mother and also Granpapa Thistle's wife. She is a playful fairy whose real name is Millicent. Granpapa and Granny Thistle were Wise Old Elf's college classmates long time ago.
King and Queen Marigold
King and Queen Marigold are relatives of the royal Thistle family. Holly and her family fear that they are "boring and snooty" yet their characteristics often turn into the opposite. King Marigold wears a blue-white-red shirt, purple pants with yellow ankles and has a dark yellow crown, and Queen Marigold wears a gold dress with pink stars and turquoise ankles and has pink hair. Queen Marigold is Queen Thistle's older sister.
Redbeard the Elf Pirate
Barnaby's pirate uncle. He claims to be a pirate, yet is good in nature. He is polite but often overdoes it, such as by kissing Nanny Plum's palm every time he talks to her. Redbeard is the son of the Wise Old Elf as shown in the episode 'Fathers Day. He wears a pirate hat.
King Leopold / Mr. Gnome
A Garden Gnome who is featured in several episodes. He likes to eat and sleep. He once appeared as King Leopold and made the whole Little Kingdom prepare for his visit.
Big Bad Barry
An enormous fish that Mr. Elf has tried to capture many times. Holly, King Thistle, and Ben tried to capture him despite Mr. Elf's warnings and they too were no match.
Lucy is a human girl (considered a 'giant' to the citizens of the little kingdom) and one of Ben and Holly's friends. She lives with her parents.
A black and white dog (Lucy's pet). He starts licking the Wise Old Elf every time he sees him.
Mrs. Fig
Mrs. Fig is the teacher of the Magic School. Nanny Plum used to go there and Holly and her friends went there when they were old enough. Despite being a fairy, she detests magic and says the most important rules of magic are "Don't use magic" and "Magic should only be used for serious things". Mrs. Fig is often grumpy that the Wise Old Elf made a jelly flood in the magic school.
Captain Squid
Captain Squid is an Elf Pirate and one of the Wise Old Elf's sons. He is always in competition with his brother Redbeard, who is also an Elf Pirate.
Miss Cookie
She is the teacher at Lucy's school and once locked Ben and Holly in a drawer! She too is a big person, who only knows about the little kingdom.

Vito could mention all the character's name. One of his favorite character is Nanny Plum. :)


  1. Hi Zia!
    Got ur blog link from BEC :p just read few of ur posts now. Ben and Holly is also our family favourite! This is one of few shows that can be enjoyed by adults too (another examplr is Peppa Pig). I like Nanny Plum too..and her interaction with Wise Old Elf.. It's always funny! :D

    1. Hi Vita,
      Hi5! We also love to watch Peppa Pig. Hehehe
      Thank you for dropping your comments on my posts.

      Warm regards,


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