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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Easy Steps to be A Digital Entrepreneur with KUDO

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Launching-Kudo Mobile Application

On Thursday, March 3, 2016, held in Bawean Resto, Jl. Gandapura No. 43 - Bandung, there're some bloggers and reporters/ journalists attended the invitation from PT Kudo Teknologi Indonesia for the event "Kudo mobile application". This application was launched to facilitate Kudo digital entrepreneurs in marketing the products. The event also was attended by the founder of Kudo; Albert Lucius as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Agung Nugroho as COO (Chief Operating Officer).

What is Kudo

Kudo is an abbreviation of Kios untuk Dagang Online (Kiosk for online selling). Kudo is an Indonesia startup technology company, founded in July 2014. Since its first established, Kudo got a huge response from the people of Indonesia. Kudo is different from the other e-commerce which has developed in Indonesia. The business model is assisted e-commerce, it is an online to offline system, so Kudo take the advantages and provide a solution for customers who want to shop online with offline payments through a Kudo agent that already spread all over Indonesia to remote regions. For the customers who do not use credit cards, ATM, mobile banking, or internet banking, then Kudo dependable and able to fulfill the desire of online shopping with the convenience of cash-transactions system.

A chance to become one of the digital entrepreneurs

With a business system that is run by Kudo, it is a great opportunity for anyone to join and be one of digital entrepreneurs as Kudo agents. Nowadays almost everyone has a personal smartphone, and therefore every person has the opportunity to become Kudo agents and run this business only in their hands. With so many kinds of product offering, more than 3 million items, in cooperation with e-commerce companies such as Lazada, Berrybenka, bukalapak, Hijabenka, Lakupon, VIP Plaza, and Pesona Nusantara, it makes the agent has a kiosk digital with complete products ranging from electronics, clothing, food, and also one stop online payment (pulse, ticket, electicity bill, etc.)

How to join Kudo?

After attending a series of events and consider carefully, I saw a good business opportunity with a special offer. I decided to join into Kudo agent. It's really easy, if you want to join this business. You just need to fill the data, then download a mobile app in Play Store (Kudo Indonesia) then don't forget to enter your referral code Aevueh0, hereinafter you only need to complete the requirements and approvals there. With fairly minimal capital (as a deposit for the transaction and activated the account), you can directly sell with ease, no need to stock or looking for suppliers of goods have easily been able to make sales with the result that very passable.

How to shop on Kudo?
  • Go to the website kudo www.kudo.co.id.
  • Choose and find the desired item or desirable. Contact the agent nearest the customer's location, Kudo agent will come to you.
  • Make a cash transaction or by transfer to agents Kudo in accordance with the price of goods and postage.
  • Wait for your order, will be sent to the destination address in a few days.

Now everyone can shop online!


  1. Zia ini klo untuk yg punya produk sendiri bisa join ga ya?

    1. Hai Nda,

      Jadi Kudo ini sama seperti kios yang kita jalanin, disini kita hanya sebagai reseller. Kudo kerjasama sama ecommerce lainnya kayak Lazada, Bukalapak, dll. Bisa jualan apa aja dengan modal debet bebas via smartphone. Coba dulu download sama install aplikasinya dulu aja di Play store, Nda.


  2. Thanks for your great and supportive advice. Who are losing faith on themselves to go for a Muslim business start-up, can take help from start-up muslim. they are very experienced and leading on the market.

    1. With my pleasure. I love to share my experience. Business start-up is very interesting and promising. We just need to focus and try our best.

      Thank you for your comment.