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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Exploration Lite Minecraft

Minecraft is a very popular game, it's played not only by adults but also by the children. My son really loves the game. He explores everything and builds his imagination. Minecraft is a game about placing and breaking blocks. Across the spectrum of games, Minecraft is enormously successful. It has no story, genre, or even specific characters. The graphics is just like retro games. Minecraft has proved surprisingly compelling a huge of fans. It's an Editors' Choice in Google Play / Apple AppStore and among the best PC games. Minecraft is also available on consoles, the versions are currently available for the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. We even can play the game in our smartphone, there's Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android, iPhone,Windows Phone, and Amazon Fire.

Vito's dad has installed Minecraft full version for PC. This game offers two modes of play; Survival Mode is geared towards some enemies, exploring the beautiful landscape, and building with what we can find and Creative Mode provides a pallet of various blocks and items in the game, so we can easily construct great architectural buildings. The challenge is that everything here takes time. We will spend hours collecting materials and building something from the blocks, however it can stimulate our creativity and imagination.

At first, Vito builds blocks structures to protect against the night monsters. The players can work together to create some imaginative and wonderful things, and it can also be about adventuring with friends. We love watching the sun rise over a blocky ocean, it’s beautiful. The first time he played when he was 5 years old (1,5 years ago), Creative Mode is his favorite, it's creative play and fun. I always accompany Vito when he's playing and never allow him to play PC game everyday, he only has 1 hour playing on weekend.

Unfortunately, the PC (HP ProBook) is crashed. We own the laptop for almost 7 years, it was running very well but the hardware is broken because it has just worked too hard for the past few years. So now Vito couldn't play Minecraft on PC. I tried to install Minecraft on iPad iOS version 5.1.1, but it's not supported. I found the game application that looks alike Minecraft, it's Exploration. The creator said that Minecraft is their inspiration. 

Exploration is a blocky world building game. It offers free exploration, movement, building, and also transformation of dimensional worlds using a palette of blocks that is available. There are 99 different types of blocks, including various ladders, terrain, lamps, plants, and equipment. It also stimulate a water flow and a light. I have installed the Lite version of Exploration on my Ipad. Sadly, it doesn't allow us to save the game. The Exploration Lite is a free version without save and load game state functionality. If you want to explore more, you can install the Exploration, it is paid version without any limitations. Vito really likes some kind of building game, construction game, and exploration / adventure games. He plays and builds some enormous architectural buildings in Exploration Lite, even tough  he couldn't save the game, he's always excited to make new things from the beginning, he never quits. 

And here, I took some pictures of what Vito's done:

Making some heavy-duty vehicles and double Decker
Vito's project - Titanic (on progress)
"He really has no idea about what the drama film is,
he's just amazed with the mega construction and the blue print of Titanic
as seen on NatGeo channel"


  1. Vitoooo..jadi ingat cerita Vito yang suka sama Titanic (kapalnya) :D

    1. Hi Mama Rani... Hahaha Iya lagi excited banget sama Titanic nih Vito, kalo ngobrol sama orang yang baru ketemu pasti cerita kalo dia suka Titanic, orang dewasa biasanya kaget duluan. Hmmm langsung deh emaknya kasih penjelasan. hihihi

      Thank you ya, Mama Rani. *hugs!

  2. Belum pernah mainin ini, hihihi. Anak2 skrng luar biasa ya, Mbak? :)

    1. Hai Mba April,

      Anak-anak emang cepet belajar, kalo ada sesuatu yang menarik pasti bakal terus dieksplor dan dipelajari.

      Makasih udah mampir yaaa... :*

  3. Abby juga seneng main Minecraft inilah... Sementara emaknya bengong2 aja ngeliatin, apaan siih ini, gambarnya kotak2 semua :)
    Tapi emang bagus untuk mengembangkan daya imajinasi ya mba.

    1. Bener banget deh mba Susan, kita amazed aja anak-anak imajinasinya itu tinggi. Mereka cepet banget belajar dan bisa langsung divisualisasikan ke dalam permainan Minecraft.

      Salam sayang untuk Abby ya. Makasih udah berkunjung. :)

  4. Waaaah kapal titanic. Sesuatu yang sangat legendaris

    1. Hi Mba Widya,

      Iyaaa legendaris banget, untuk kita-kita cerita drama roman nya romantis banget yah. Hehehehe

      Tapi anakku sih dia ga ngerti, terpesona sama mega struktur kapal yang megah banget.

      Makasih udah mampir ya... :*

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