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Long Distance Friendship

This year, we finally met again after so many years we separated between distance and time. Desi lives in Holland and I live in Indonesia. During last Ramadan she visited Bandung and followed the holy month of fasting and Eid Ul Fitr with her family here. Our last meeting was in 2014, I was really happy and excited to see her again. We're pretty close to each other. Many things that we share, about life, happiness, sadness, and how to be grateful for what we own.
21st of July, we set our meeting arrangement, I picked her from her place. We went to Reading Lights (RL), it's a second-hand book shop and coffee corner, it's really cozy place to chit-chat while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. Our condition wasn't good enough, so we ordered the same beverage, hot ginger tea (without sugar). I got sore throat and flu and Desi was in her recovery from cough and flu as well. We had a warm talk, shared everything we wanted to share. She's really a good friend, like my own sister, and very kind lady. I'm lucky to have her in my life.

After that, we looked for another place to have lunch. We went to The KiosK in Ciwalk, it's the nearest location from RL, there we could find a lot of Indonesian food choices. She's the one I can tell about everything. She always gives her deepest thoughts and assured that she would do her best to help. The long conversation has never been enough for us, sadly we had to stop. It was Thursday, around 3 O'clock, I should pick up my son from school and Desi should go home to prepare packing list, she would go back to Holland the day after tomorrow. 

She gave me a sweet Dutch gift and souvenir, I really love it. "Danke! Bedankt voor vandag. Gezellig!" I hope we could meet each other soon and wish we could go traveling, cross country together. 

It's about long distance friendship

The time difference or distance in true friendship is not a big deal. Having good friends even when we're not in the same place will still give benefits to each other. Well, making a close friendship is not only necessary, but also a positive aspect of our lives. I got deep connections with my true friend. Hopefully it's not short lived friendship. A good friend has no problem telling the truth. With good friend we can find inspiration in life and make our life easier, better, and always encouraging each other to stay on the right track. 


  1. Replies
    1. Iya mba Tira, seru banget dan seneng akhirnya bisa bertemu lagi setelah beberapa taun. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, it is. Unforgettable moment. Thank you mba Eni. :)

  3. Slalu seneng ya mbak ketemu temen lama gitu :). Apalagi yg memang dekat layaknya sahabat. Aku juga punya 1, temen kuliah dulu ,tp dia WN malaysia. Jrg ketemu ,hanya sesekali komunikasi, tp sekalinya kita visit ke tempat masing2, duuuh itu kangen kyk ga abis2 :D

    1. Iya mba Fanny, seneng banget apalagi ketemu temen deket yg udah kaya sodara sendiri. hehe

      Walaupun jauh dan jarang komunikasi, tapi sekalinya bertegur sapa baik d dunia maya atau ketemu langsung saling berkunjung, berharga banget momentnya. Bukan kuantitas pertemanan yah, tapi kualitas. :)

  4. Ini tentang persahabatan yang baru bertemu kembali ya mba.. :-)

    1. Persahabaan jarak jauh, mas. Terpisah jarak dan waktu karna beda negara dan berkesempatan bertemu lagi walau sebentar. :)

  5. Kita juga LDF ya mbak...hihihi..
    Terus kapan dong..kita ketemuan lagi :((

    1. Iya ka Andy, ntar kalo kk ke Bandung ato kalo aku ke Lombok ya kita meet up. Hehehehe

  6. Walaupun berat bacanya *english bhoo* dan terbata-bata, kamu mah ngerjain emak2 lugu ih zia.. wkwkkw

    Kan jadi weh inget temen plus sahabat yang sekian puluh tahun ga pernah tau dimana rimbanya.. sayang kamumah ga aja2 ih ke ciwalknya hahahha

    1. Hehehe... Teteh mah suka gitu, padahal jago kan. 😊

      Kalo punya sahabat trus lama ga ketemu dan lost contact emang sedih banget atuh. Moga ketemu lagi suatu hari nanti ya, teh.

      Hihihi nanti kita ke Ciwalk lagi ngopi cantik okeee? :*

  7. Wah asyiknya bisa bertemu sama teman lamanya :)


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