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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Things to Do in Raja Ampat Islands

Things to do in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat has a chain of four islands and located in West Papua, Indonesia (on the map, the island will be visible like on the bird's head). It is now a destination for tourists especially who really interested in the beauty of underwater world. There are four big islands, named Waigeo island, Misool island, Salawati island and Batanta island.

I'm very fortunate being an Indonesian and living in this beautiful country, where there many amazing natural attractions and fascinating places. Raja Ampat is one of the famous tourist destinations in the world. Its biodiversity is one of the 10 best in the world of nautical tourism.

Raja Ampat
Let's visit Raja Ampat!

These are things to do in Raja Ampat:
  • Diving
Diving is the main reason of most tourists come to enthusiasts the underwater world of Raja Ampat. With a rich of marine biodiversity, it makes Raja Ampat has a stunning underwater scenery. In one dive you can get hundreds of species of fish, this only happens in Raja Ampat. You even can meet Manta Ray, the largest among its kind in some diving points.
  • Snorkeling
If you don't do diving, you won't be disappointed with a good quality and crystal clear water and you can enjoy the panoramic beauty of the underwater Raja Ampat with snorkeling. You will see the reef, coral, and so many sea animals and beautiful fish swimming.
  • Birdwatching
In some rural tourism in Raja Ampat there are also attractions to see Cendrawasih dance. The dance is a ritual in which males will gather to compete - show off its beautiful fur in order to attract females birds. 
  • Wayag
Wayag is one of the tourist destinations with an incredible privilege and it is not necessarily exist in other places. It's Raja Ampat's icon. As the quintessence of this archipelago in West Papua, Wayag Island look more like a real painting, but it is difficult to be expressed by words because Wayag Island can be seen from eight different winds.
  • Photography
Raja Ampat is not only about the beauty of the underwater course, but there are many beautiful tings that can be found as well; The beaches, people, cultures, natural scenery objects would be really awesome and good to photograph.
  • Culinary
Here, you can enjoy a meal made from sago, to the unusual ones, you will experience the unique sensation when enjoying this food, papeda is a very famous food in Papua. You can also try traditional processed seafood, it's fresh and of course delicious.
  • Crafts
Papua is famous for woodcarving. Here you can find and buy crafts, woodcarving or special wicker can be your collection.


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