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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Petting A Cat

Most of children love pets. Pets may be cuddly, fun, and playful. They can delight us with their grace, cuteness, and become a part of the families. Cats and dogs are the most popular pets. Many people keep small animals like birds, rabbits, hamsters, fish, turtles, and the reptiles, those are most often kept as pets.

Our family ever kept some small pets from hamsters to fish. Our son, Vito, really wanted to pet some animals so bad. Sadly, he was just too little to keep them all, he hasn't understood yet how to take good care of his pets. So we decided not to pet the animals until he understands enough.

The condition when the first time
it came to our house
(October 2017)
He's now 8 years old. It had been a long time since he wanted to keep a cat. I and my husband haven't given a permission yet. Suddenly, some time ago, there was a sick cat always came to our house, and sometimes the cat stayed on the neighbor's porch. One of my neighbor threw the cat away from our neighborhood, but the cat back again and finally often settled and slept on the porch of our house. I never imagined before putting away the cat, I just let it stay on our porch even though the cat kept scratching his scab, its skin sometimes got bloody, and the fur fell out.

I felt sorry about it, suddenly Vito said "Bunda, I wanna pet the cat, you may buy the cat food from my savings", My heart's so melted. I said, "Before you get a pet, it’s important to know what it needs" . He's so certain, the permission granted, he suddenly named the cat "Jacky". 

I told him that pet needs love and care. We expect our pets to love us, the important things that we give them the love and care they need in return. Our pets will depend on us for food, grooming, attention, affection, and also medical care. Jacky's condition was so bad. I treated with Scabies ointment after consultation with veterinarian and the pet shop keeper gave me much suggestion and input. Alhamdulillah after several months of treatment, Jacky's condition getting better, the fungus and scab on his ears disappeared and its fur is stronger. Jacky looks so much better and healthier now. We love Jacky!

"Feeding the cat"
(Treatment and medicine)

Jacky's condition now :)
(December 2017)

"A pet is a responsibility as well as a companion. Keeping a pet means keeping a promise to care and love for it. If we can do that, we can have wonderful experiences with pets".


  1. You’re doing a great job indeed Zia.. having a pet is a big responsibility. Do it with love :)

  2. vito, so cool, how lucky jacky ��

  3. Kekey n Raynor also want to have a cat. There was one that often came to our house. A cute little one. But it went away just a few days after, huhuhu

  4. Marwah want to have a cat too. good job teh Zia and Vito

  5. Lovely Vito. I am so glad to see Jacky like this. Please tell them hi from me..

  6. the cat has become so cute and pretty

  7. Hi,Jacky..!

    Hmm, i dont like cat Ziaa hiks, Atuut!

  8. remind me about Teh Efi's cat. She is very spoiled. I don't recall the name.
    Perhaps someday jacky will go on date with her.

  9. There are many wild cats around my house and often, me and family spare some leftover food for them. Cats are cute but I'm still scared of their claws, hehe..

    Your cat is also cute ����
    stay healthy, Jacky!

  10. Jack... Glad to see you now OK 😆

  11. Kucing yang sangat lucu dan menggemaskan... emmmmm slm cantik say