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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Starting A Business

I've been building my own business for 3 years. I still have to learn, analyze, manage, and develop my business. Starting a business is never been easy, but making a plan without implementing is useless. Starting a business can be a great way to earn an income and pursue your passions. It’s also an exciting and challenging experience that requires a lot of planning and hard work. To get started, you’ll need to decide on the type of business you want to create, research your market, come up with a business plan, secure financing, and register your business. Once you’ve got all the basics in place, you can begin marketing your products and services and building your business. 

If you're taking the first steps towards starting a small business, congratulations! It is an exciting and rewarding experience. The key to success is planning and preparation. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Research
    Research your target market, industry, and competitors. This will help you understand the environment you’ll be operating in and give you an idea of how to differentiate your business.
  2. Business Plan
    Develop a business plan that outlines your objectives and goals. This document should also include financial projections and contingency plans.
  3. Financing
    Secure financing for your business. This can be done through alternative financing options such as crowdfunding or investor networks.
  4. Network
    Establish relationships with other business owners and industry professionals. These connections can help you stay informed and gain valuable advice.
  5. Legal
    Understand what legal requirements are necessary for starting and running a business. This includes registering your business, obtaining licenses and permits, and adhering to any applicable regulations.

Starting a business can be a challenging process, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. When you build your business, there a lot of things you need to learn for business. One of my favorite quotes that motivates me a lot "If you stop learning, you'll stop growing". With the right planning and preparation, you can set yourself up for a successful venture. Good luck!


  1. Setuju banget mbak, bahwa Kunci kesuksesan adalah perencanaan dan persiapan. Karena klo gak ada persiapan pasti ada aja kendalanya nanti.

  2. 5 hal ini sudah disarikan oleh Mbak Zia, merupakan hal2 yang perlu diperhatikan oleh orang2 yang ingin memulai bisnis. Semoga bisa membantu banyak orang.

  3. can't agree more, to be successful, we must continue to learn, not only when starting a business, but in every aspect of life

  4. Halo mba Zia. Selamat ya atas pencapaian yang berhasil diperoleh. Apa yang mba sampaikan ini harus dikonstribusikan untuk mendukung bisnis semakin berkembang ya misalnya untuk perencanaan, research hingga networking. Sukses selalu mbaa

  5. Pencapaian yang menakjubkan kak, barakallahu ya kak. Semoga makin banyak prestasi yang diraih dan nikmati prosesnya

  6. Masya Allah..senang melihat perjalanan sukses Teh Zia dengan usahanya. Semoga senantiasa berkah dan dilancarkan jalan menuju sukses-sukses selanjutnya yaa.. Aamiiin

  7. If you stop learning, you'll stop growing --> can't agree more... there are many things to learn while developing our business

  8. Setuju banget dengan persiapan persiapan yang harus dimulai ketika akan mulai berbisnis. Tipsnya perlu diperhatikan ituu. Semangat berbisnis teruuss, semoga suksees

  9. Barokaallah ya Mb Zia, sukses dan dilancarkan bisnisnya. Ikut senang aku dengan pencapaian seorang wanita, menginspirasi mba