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Digital Transformation Seminar for MSMEs

It's an honor for me to be one of the keynote speakers at Digital Transformation Seminar which held in Widyatama University Bandung on Thursday, October 26th , 2023. It is one of International Community Service Programs (Training & Counselling) presented by Magister Management, Faculty of Economics and Business, Widyatama University. 

This seminar entitled “Digital Transformation Strategy Competencies Development to Create Sustainable Business for MSMEs in Bandung City”, the participants were business owners (SMSE) and students of Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia. 

Students of Marketing Class & Puan Jamizan bt.Jalaluddin @Mohd Rashid (Graphic.Hons ATD,MA AD UK Senior Graphic Lecturer, CCA) 
Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

I explained about digital transformation that related to technology, its use for business, and how it is applied in digital marketing. Let's get to know what is digital transformation? Derived from the word "transformation", it means there is a transition and change from the old to the new or better one. "Digital" relates or utilizes devices constructed or working by the methods or principles of electronics (digital devices/technology/computerized).

“Digital transformation can be defined as the integration of digital technology into all aspects and operations of an organization, which in turn leads to infrastructure changes in how an organization operates and delivers value to its customers.” (McGrath & Maiye, 2010)

Digital Technology

According to Rippa and Secundo (2018), digital technology is divided into 3 parts, namely; Digital Artifact, Digital Platform, and Digital Infrastructure.
  • Digital Artifact
Digital components, applications, or media content that are part of a new product or service and offer functionality & value to end-users.
  • Digital Platform
Based on software created with a code base and developed from a system that provides core functionality consisting of modules that make the device operate.
  • Digital Infrastructure
Digital technology tools and systems that offer communication, collaboration, and/or computing capabilities.

Digital Marketing

Philip Kotler and Hermawan Kartajaya (2017)

“Digital marketing is the application of digital technology to connect, interact and communicate with customers to meet their needs and desires.”

Dave Chaffey and P.R. Smith (2017)

“Digital marketing is the application of digital technology and digital media to create, promote and distribute products and services that provide added value.”

So, is digital marketing & digital technology same? No, it's not. Digital marketing (campaigns) can take place through digital technology (devices). Digital technology supports digital marketing. 

In business, digitalization and marketing are two things that we cannot separate, especially in this era of technological progress. Before entering into social media marketing strategies, of course we have to understand several elements that exist in marketing.

I hope that with this digital transformation seminar, MSMEs can maximize digital technology both for marketing and for improving their business so they can be competitive and sustainable.


  1. awesome, stay healthy and success :D

  2. What a good chance for you friend. I am happy to know you have this opportunity to be one of the keynote speakers at the Digital Transformation seminar.

  3. What a fantastic opportunity for you, my friend! I'm delighted to hear that you've been selected as one of the keynote speakers at the Digital Transformation seminar.

  4. Wah keren mba, jadi pembicara di seminar tentang Transformasi Digital apalagi pesertanya juga ada dari Malaysia. Di jaman sekarang memang untuk berkembang, UMKM harus memanfaatkan teknologi digital.

  5. Waah keren bangettt mba! Di zaman sekarang memang sudah seharusnya para UMKM bisa memanfaatkan teknologi digital agar bisa lebih luas mempromosikan produknya

  6. Masyaallah jadi pembicara di depan pengusaha UMKM. Jangan lelah menyemangati mereka para pegiat umkm ya mbak, karena mereka ada simbol tegaknya perekonomian dari kampung

  7. Bahasan yang Sik ini kak di acara seminar karena mengulik juga tentang digital marketing, apalagi dalam pemanfaatan medsos yg tepat ya

  8. It is very interesting for the theme to discussed because Digital merketing is something that inevitably must be learned more deeply in order to enter the digital era successfully.

  9. Wow, this digital transformation seminar for MSMEs sounds like a great opportunity to level up your business game! It's awesome to see how technology can help small businesses grow. I'm excited to learn more about it and see how it can benefit my own business.

  10. Super cool. I'm so envy to get such opportunity to be part of such a great event about digital transformation.

  11. In this time, digital is very important. Because all of the things going to digitalization. Good event!

  12. Acara gini bagus banget nih biar UMKM juga melek digital marketing ya. Kalau ada lagi aku juga mau banget ikutan. Gimana cara daftarnya?

  13. Masya Alloh keren banget kak menjadi salah satu keynote speaker di Seminar Transformasi Digital. Ah keren, sukses selalu kak

  14. Jaman sekarang, digitalisasi dan marketing memang tidak bisa dipisahkan begitu saja ya. Satu sama lain masih ada kaitannya.
    Alhamdulillah bangga nih Kaka bisa membawa harum nama Indonesia hehe...
    Selamat ya

  15. Ikut bangga banget sama Zia, selain melebarkan sayap ke dunia bisnis ternyata Zia juga tampil menjadi pembicara di kampus Widyatama. Two thumbs up! Proud of you Mama Vito :D

  16. Keren banget Mba Zia, jadi pembicara di seminar Widyatama mengenai transformasi digital. Pesertanya ada yang dari Malaysia juga. Tentang transformasi digital termasuk digital marketing juga penting terutama buat perkembangan bisnis UMKM biar semakin maju

  17. Congratulations for being the keynote speaker on above seminar ya Mbak. Digital transformation appears to be quite important for any institution or organization nowadays. Businesses need to change and adapt with all techs available in the market.

  18. Keren kak Zia, bisa jadi pembicara di seminar Widyatama tentang transformasi digital. Bahkan pesertanya ga hanya dari Indo lho

  19. Haiiisss keren kerennnnn Kak Ziaa! Ahh andaikan aku bisa ikutttt


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