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Mobile Phone Phenomenon

Many kind of mobile phones began to appear, the more sophisticated phone added here. Passion of human satisfaction is unlimited. So many innovations that come out from the brilliant, smart, curious, freak, or weird brain.

Let me talk about the technology, especially the development of mobile phone. Two years ago the new Sony Ericsson W800i mobile phone was released in the colors orange white color, there is a bit silver also on the case variation.  W800i still has not come out in my country, Indonesia. How much the price is? 4 million rupiah and even more. Hmmm... I should buy a piggy bank for saving money, then I'll fill it until I could buy that phone. If there is a durian falling from the sky (why it should be durian? LOL that contains a lot of money, then I'll get one.

Sony Ericsson has been "flying" for over years. It's like boeing747. Various brands begin a new series of aliases a lot out (although Nokia is No#1, the most popular brand in Indonesia). Indeed, other brands are the technologies that you understand, but Sony Ericsson is for you who understand the technology. 

Sony Ericsson was launched 3G phone and sort of Blackberry (Gosh! kinda smartphone), but if it ain't supported the needs, it will be un-useful), anyway it also has affordable priceW800i, themes, games and applications W800i has a lot on the internet, free anyway. Nice to have a W800i. When I'm idle, stay take pictures with 2MB pixel camera, stay put the Walkman application while listen to music with or without earphones. No need to carry charger, just bring the USB (data cable) can do all permutations while charging.

I am not a cell phone freak who really hooked mutually exchange phone. Mobile phones is not a cheap stuffHmm... but if there are better phones and I capable to buy, Why notfor changing it!


  1. blog walking, lam kenal ya....

    1. Terima kasih sudah mampir. Salam kenal juga.

  2. waduh hp saya malah lagi rusak, di service abis 350 ribu euy, lcd nya harus diganti katanya, buat saya hape mah yg penting bisa buat sms, nelfon sama gprs dulu, 3g masih belum kuat ^^

    1. Mahal banget ya servicenya, yang penting masih oke untuk fungsi utamanya.

  3. yup, tata juga lagi cari hp. tapi yang tata pengenin mahal bgd... hikz..

    eh, lam kenal yah :)

    1. Nabung dulu biar dapet hp yang oke.

      Salam kenal juga Tata.


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