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Ordinary Corruption

Corruption affects every country, people and of course its life. People in the world know about the corruption. It is an organized violence in ordinary day. It is the most worst act in the world. Nobody needs to be lectured by the corruption. Societies that have massive corruption suffer misery in a thousand ways. The assumption of it is simply wrong. 

It retards progress and makes its victims poorer every day. it can be attributed to base human greed, exacerbated by the economic, social and political conditions of the country have allowed human greed to flourish unchecked. There is no better illustration to me of the debilitating affects of it. It so greatly enforces and maintains inequalities, acting as a barrier to economic and social development and those responsible who can afford generators for their big homes with their stolen money, just won’t see any of the negative effects of their theft while enjoying the benefits. It is terrible. It is a great paradox that almost every single person encountered has been incredibly kind, generous, welcoming and the trend is that the less they can offer the more they give. Whereas the people who have everything just take and make the country harsh and inhospitable for nearly everyone. This situation really does ram some realities home. To fight against corruption is to ensure that the process is enshrined in the constitution. 

All offenders should be made to face the full wrath of the law. Economic, political and social measures corruption are put in place to improve the quality of life of people. Corruption can be starts at home; what do you expect of children who are taught to show so-called appreciation for what is otherwise their fundamental human right when they grow up? We cannot fight corruption when everyone sees it as a normal thing. We cannot be free of corruption but we can definitely minimize it. The only way to fight corruption is if we the people are willing to stand in line, wait for our turn and follow normal procedures. As long as there are no checks and balances there will always be corruption. In order to combat it, those guilty of corrupt practices should be punished severely.


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