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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Violin and I

Play in harmony...
I love music. My mom has introduced me to music since I was a little. She's a classic guitar player. She was the first one who taught me how to play guitar when I was in elementary school. I really love the way she plays her guitar, it's beautiful. Also, I was really excited to learn some other musical instruments. I asked my parents for having classical music lesson (piano and violin), but I couldn't have it because my parents had no enough money at that time. We just already moved to a new house and all the saving is only for our school. But, I was doing just fine. When I was in junior high school, my dad bought me a keyboard, and I've been learning it as well. I enjoy listening to music. Even though I love a lot to play musical instruments, I don't really like to perform in front of a lot of people.

I was in love with violin.  When I was in a junior high school I always saved my money and wish that I could buy a violin by myself. Violin is so special for me.

Violin is a stringed instrument that has four strings are tuned differently from each other with a perfect fifth interval. The lowest tone is G and the violin has the highest tones of the violin family, the viola and cello. Stringed instrument stringed others, bass, technically entered the viola family. Sheet music for violin almost always uses a key or written on G. A name commonly used for violin is the fiddle, and violin is often called a fiddle when used to play traditional songs. In the Indonesian language, people who play the violin usually mentioned in English called a violinist. People who make or fix a stringed musical instrument called a luthier.