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Thursday, August 2, 2007

There's No Tears but I'm Still Crying

When I imagine about the future
My tears start to drop
One question to my self! What should I do now? 
The black clouds float around
The wind feels a little cold, but it felt a little bit nice
Maybe, Only the blast of wind, seems never ending
My thought is sailing
I want to make a time machine and return to the past

When I was noticed and thinking about you
I felt very embarrassed and I really hate that feeling
I’m afraid to convey my feeling, even though I suppress it in my head
I couldn’t do anything about my heart
To act so composed, it has starts to hurt
I want GOD give me courage
When I’m alone and with my bad crazy thoughts, I worry about what you think of me
I’m not myself
I don’t like the fog around my heart
Depending on someone else makes me runaway
The glowing stars float out into the heaven
I’m not stronger or more confident
Do you see me smiling?

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