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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Everyone must think about marriage. How about me?

yeah, So do I. So, Why am I thinking about marriage? Could it be I've reached the ripe young age? hehe... I am in a romantic stupor about all kinds of things. I see all these sweet marriage where people get married and are in love and sweet to each other. It makes me believe that there really is something holy about marriage. I do believe that God ordained this. Marriage is a sweet thing. But so many people today are unfit to be married. I know I am! If you are selfish and can't take care of yourself, you have no business getting married. I'm for marriage all the way. I just think its sad to see how so many marriages start too soon and end way too early! Divorce rips people apart. God is the only giver of marital bliss. God, please give me a good marriage with the good one.

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