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Monday, October 29, 2007

What is Life?

Life is what you make it, if you think it sucks then it does. If you think it rocks then it does. You got to get out there and do it, rather than just think about how you want your life to be. Ask yourself, what do you want to do in your life and just do it. There is really no excuses, no constraints within reason. Life could end at any moment and although we would not be alive to regret, you got to ask yourself do you want to die not doing the things that you have wanted to do.

Sitting at home for many years as a teenager, depressed, wanting to go out and enjoy my youth, I realized that I might have wasted that time away, feeling sorry for myself, blaming my parents. Then I look at many teenagers today, going out and doing what they want in a positive ways, ain't like cursing in mates cars, getting stoned and drunk, Yup! They are doing what they want and when they look back at their youth they can say that they have done all that stuff, I wish they have realized and hopefully learned from it. Life shouldn't just be about enjoyment, but we should do the things that we love. It is a gift that is given to us, and we are given the opportunity to live it out the way we want, whether we take enjoyment through through books, through friends, as long as you are doing what you enjoy I don't think that it matters. I want to grow old and live with a smile on my face about all the things that I have done, laugh at all my mistakes and smile at all my pleasures. I do not want to think back and think that I did not know how to live. That would be my biggest regret at all.

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