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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How I supposed to live without you, mother...

A figure of a woman  
who will not be able to describe through a word
  She gives her life
to survive

She is only able to be disclosed by a sincerity
If the blood in my body is able to replace her affection
So I'll give it to her
But I know she would not ask for it
I want to hold as if the world belongs to us both
I do not want to let her down
I want to hold her hand
Lay down on her arms
I realize
Never she wants to leave me alone with my emptiness
She always be there be the first
In every breath of my life
Mother I will always love you
Forever, ever, and after

"Happy mother's day"
This poetry is dedicated to my mother and every mother around the world



  1. jadi inget kata2nya Fariz, anaknya Helvy Tiana Rosa, yang bilang aku mencintai bunda seperti aku mencintai surga

    selamat hari ibu...