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Family Lifestyle

Now, let me talk a bit about family. Generally family is social group united of kinship. It is a group consisting of the parents and their child or children, also the family provides its members with protection, religion, socialization, affection, etc. Of course the structure and its needs is different from one family to another. Every family has their own lifestyle.
My husband is a unique leader. Basically he owns the rules, but democracy is applied. There is just one rule which can control the family organization, which is by its members. In my family, every family member not only has free thought such as independent inquiry and speculation, but also free association or spontaneous expression but in a good way.

My family has power of independent action and choice, that is the ability to act or make choices as a free and able to make decisions. We feel freewill. However, it doesn't mean that we are not restricted in rights. Indeed, there is a rule in my family life which should be followed obediently. We must reliable and responsible with accepting the risk and able to solve the problem caused by something, usually something wrong or disapproved.

Democratic family of mine makes me feels comfortable. We could convey something and express great deal of feeling and meaning, of course without refusing, failing, breaking and disobeying the rule, instruction, and authority of the family. My family is priceless and I really thank God for giving me this family.


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