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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Healthy Snacks for Kids

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If you want to grow and develop your kids in a healthy and well way, the thing you should not forget is to choose the snacks that are consumed by them.

You should note the following tips to select healthy snacks for kids:

1. Color of snacks
If the food colors prominently, bright, and sunny excessive, it could indicate that the dye used is not natural.

2. The smell of food
You should smell the aroma of the food. If you have an unusual smell like a musty, sour, then maybe the food was contaminated with bacteria inside.

3. Food composition
You will need to choose foods that clearly shows the composition of the ingredients. It should contain healthy ingredients with good nutritions.

4. The food taste 
Savory food with excessive or which has a very sharp seasoning, it could be supposed that food is not the healthy food, because the food with excessive MSG content is not good for the children.

5. Conditions snacks
Choose foods that are clean, if the food place already looks dirty, it probably so does the food, should you choose another place to eat.

So, you are going to make your own snack, aren't you?


  1. reading this makes me want to eat some snacks. Yet, I'm just too lazy to go outside -_-

  2. Hello violet. If you're just too lazy to go outside, then find any simply recipe dish at home that's easy to make. :)

    Thank you for your comment

    Warm regards,