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Friday, July 5, 2013

Children Creativity

Look! He's drawing cars :)

Every human is born with their creativity. Creativity can be defined broadly depending one aspect or point of view. It means the ability to be able to create new things or see something with a new view. Talent certainly can not be taught, but can be trained as early as possible. I teach my son vito in gaining confidence, concentration, and ability to adapt which plays as an important role in the training of creativity

Vito's 1st scratch (1 yo)
Do not be afraid when children playing with soil or paint. It can stimulate creativity and adventurous spirit form without limit. It will train young creative soul of the children. Do not curb child when playing with nature, but we as parents reasonably supervise and keep our children from something dangerous. Children should also be supported by activities of interest. We have to support any kind of activities as long as positive. Play while learning is an effective way foster children's creativity in a fun way.

As a parent, I'm continuing to observe the physical and psychological development of my son. I always accompany and let Vito try new things as long as it is safe and good. Surely the child's creativity is unlimited.

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