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Indonesian Cuisine

Indonesian traditional cuisine does not escape from a diverse mix of spices that enrich the culinary tastes of the archipelago. Indonesian cuisine reflects the diverse cultures and traditions of different regions from Sabang to Merauke. Indonesian dishes rich with spices such as chilli, ginger, galangal, turmeric, coconut (coconut milk), sugar palm and many more with a variety of cooking techniques according to the traditions or customs territory. In addition there are also obvious cuisine influences from India, the Middle East, China, and Europe as a result of the trade route.
The main thing of Indonesian cuisine is rich of spices that would make a flavor to be very special. Processed using high quality raw material with added spices make Indonesian cuisine is extraordinary. Indonesia is the most recognized of the rich culinary terms, even many newcomers from abroad said that the culinary paradise is in Indonesia. For those of you who love to cook, you can develop a recipe Indonesian cuisine with a combination of quality food without leaving the traditional Indonesian spices. You can maintain a traditional Indonesian recipes by providing a richer food choices and also innovative.


  1. I agree, what I have tried is wonderful! Thank you for teaching me about the food! :-)

  2. Yep! Your home-made Rendang was so tempting, saw it, I just wanted to eat 'em all. haha! Great home chef.
    You too Klara, glad to have such a good friend like you hehe... and I thank you for teaching me about the blogging stuff. xoxo


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