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My Lucky Stars (Origami)

I love to make some creation from paper, it's called origami. It's really a fun thing. Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, ori means "folding" and kami means "paper". This art is to transform a flat sheet of paper into a finished model through folding techniques. The famous origami model is the Japanese paper crane. I usualy make this model. There are also some simple models, but they can be combined in a variety of ways to make sophisticated designs. Generally the design of origami begin with a square sheet of paper whose one side may be different pattern, prints, or colors.

This time, I've done another model of origami. It's called lucky star. I made it from a strip of paper, it's about 9 to 11 inches long by half-an-inch wide. Making this strip can be done by cutting a piece from the long end of a sheet of printer paper/ A4/ HVS or you can get the strip paper from book store. The lucky star origami is easy to make, first make a knot near one end of the strip. Then, flatten the knot, but don't fold it tightly. After that, flip the knot over, and tuck the loose end into the back of the knot. Wrap the long end around the star. Flip the lucky star over, and tuck the loose end into the back side. The last step is pumping up the star, place your thumbs and forefingers on side of the star edges. Inflating the lucky star is exciting!

It's easy to do. So, why don't you make your own lucky stars?


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