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Introducing Children to Nature

Everybody needs a loving care, even nature! We need to preserve our natural resources such plants, trees, environment, etc. Introducing children to nature is important thing because today technology comes first, we give the nicest gadget and the result is dillema comes after - for every modern parents. Basicly, technology does not affect our relationship with nature, it depends on us. We should be wiser to handle it. We need to be more aware when we are more astonished with a nature picture than the Earth’s beauty, we do realize the first became most important.

A lot of people felt the environment was in real trouble now. Actualy, human beings were the cause of much of the trouble. Introducing 'how important to keep the Earth in a good way' to our children today is a good effort that will save them in the future. 

Introducing children to nature will raise awareness of our planet’s problems. It pushes us to look for ways to slow or even reverse the damage we’ve done. Doing the 3 R (reduce, reuse, recycle) is one of the steps that can save our planet Earth.

I always sort my trash and garbage. I pick and separate recycling materials like cans, glass, and paper. My son and I love to make some crafts from reusable stuff, last time we made our own piggybank from the cans.

Think about what we can do to save our nature and help make the planet cleaner and healthier place.


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