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Asian African Conference (KAA Bandung)

 KAA 1955

Asian - African Conference, also known as Bandung Conference (in Bahasa Indonesia; Konferensi Asia - Afrika or KAA) is a conference between the countries of Asia and Africa, most of the countries had gained independence. KAA hosted by Indonesia. This conference took place between 18 April-24 April 1955 at Gedung Merdeka, Bandung, Indonesia with the aim of promoting economic and cultural cooperation Asia - Africa and against colonialism or neocolonialism of imperialist countries.

A total of 29 countries representing more than half the total population of the world at that time send representatives. This conference reflects what they see as Western powers unwillingness to consult with them about the decisions that affect Asia during the Cold War.

To commemorate fifty years since the historic meeting, the Heads of State countries of Asia and Africa have been invited to attend a new meeting in Bandung and Jakarta between 19 to 24 April 2005. The majority of the meeting held at Gedung Merdeka, the location of the old meeting on 50 years ago. UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan also attended this meeting. Asia - Africa Summit 2005 produces NAASP (New Asian-African Strategic Partnership), which is expected to bring Asia and Africa toward a better future based on collective self-reliance and to ensure an international environment for the interests of the peoples of Asia and Africa.

2005, we were part of the 50th anniversary of KAA as the protocol committee. We accompanied the Head of the countries / state, planted 1,000 trees in Tega Lega Bandung, standing next to the president, prime minister, and even the king and queen of Asian - African Countries. The seed that we planted, these days seems flourish, leafy, green arid becomes parts of the city. With passion, we were so proud raising the flags in some point flagpole scattered in Bandung (Throughout Husein Sastra Negara Airport, Jl. Asia Afrika, Museum of Independence, and Tega Lega) we hoisted the flag of Republic of Indonesia along with the flags of the other Asian - African Companion. Yes! 10 years ago, We sweat and tears of joy, also leave sweet memories and pride.

KAA 2015

Ministry of Foreign Affairs ensure 72 countries have confirmed their presence to the cofrerence. KAA 60th held in two cities: Jakarta on 19-23 April and Bandung on 24 April. KAA agenda includes "Asia - Africa Summit Business" and "Asia - Africa Carnival". The themes brought Indonesia in the event that will be attended by 109 heads of state and 25 international organizations are increased cooperation countries in the South region, prosperity, and peace.


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