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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What A Fun Outbound Games!


Wall climbing
Several months ago Vito and friends from school went to Kampung Bamboo Cimenyan - Bandung for an outbound training. Approximately 50 children accompanied by teachers and parents playing and adventuring various outbound games.

Outbound games revolve around activities designed to improve encouragement, leadership, communication skills, planning, teamwork, and motivation. Some of the available games such as wall climbing, Tarzan swing, Fish catching, slacklining, army zone, etc. The children were divided into teams and assigned tasks and activities for completion in a specified time. This must become a great and unforgettable experiences for them.

The Parents
While the children were following the games. The parents made achievement and performance which reviewed in group discussions that enhance performance or lead to failure. We also followed some fun games.

All children followed the games guided by the instructors. They're so excited. all passed without a hitch. The last game was catching fish by hand accompanied by the teachers, they trowed themselves into the mud pond and the parents yelled and gave encouragement to them.

Following outbound activity is a combined effort with an extraordinary passion for adventure and nature for the children, teachers, and the parents as well. We all really enjoyed the time and experiences in Kampung Bamboo! What a fun and happy day!

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