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Monday, August 24, 2015

Taking Kid to the Bookstore

I and my husband love reading books, because reading always comforts our-own-self. We can sail our mind and go trough within it. In a book, there's not only a story, but there's also a life, education, or even something that we can learn and get from it.
We've introduced books to our son since he was just a little baby, colorful picture or interesting things, shapes, and doodle made him curious. Now, he's 6 yo. He found his favorite books. He enjoys the time when we take him to the bookstore or the library in town.

Taking Vito to the book store is fun. He looks for the books he loves. Sometime he has the conversation about the book stuff with other kid he just met, who has same interest.

Before you take your kids to the bookstore, the things you need to do; First, introduce books to them - when they are baby, for example begin with bed-time stories. When they grow up to the toddler, give them motivation in reading with some interesting reading material, Then, you can take them to the library, which you can expose to more books. After they found their favorites, so you can take your kids to the bookstore to buy their favorite books.


  1. Kalo ponakanku justru minta diajak ke toko buku terus, soalnya dia emang suka banget sama alat tulis, hehehe


    1. Iya, saya juga ajak anak saya sesekali untuk ke toko buku. Seru banget bisa mengenalkan anak ke dunia baca. :)