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MasterChef Australia Season 7

I'm not really a good cook, just an ordinary home-cook. I rarely try to find some recipes from a book, I'd rather to watch video or TV.  In my country, Indonesia, there are some national and local TV programs about cooking which are really interesting to watch. But, for the international TV programs that show us the most popular cooking competition in the world is MasterChef. There are so many international version in many countries all over the world, including Indonesia. And MasterChef Australia is one of my favorite versions.

Several days ago, I just finished watching MasterChef Australia Season 7 on Lifetime Asia, I saw all the contestants are amazing cooks and really nice people. They seem to get along very well as a group, until in the finale they have formed beautiful friendships. I also like the judges (Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston) and the guest mentors (Shannon Bennett and Marco Perre White). They are generous, talented, professionals, and successful chefs for sure. I love this cooking competition, especially Australia version. Every country has its own uniqueness, but Masterchef Australia filled with positive mindset, self confidence, polite manner, and good attitude in judging and in the competition. This is the reason why I was keep watching this season.

MasterChef Australia Season 7 Winner
In this Seventh Series of MasterChef Australia, the grand finale is Georgia Barnes and the winner is Billie McKay. They really have passion for food. They made some of the finest dishes and did some extraordinary things for the love of food. Billie McKay won the competition, got the biggest prize in MasterChef Australia is $250,000 cash, a car, a  cookbook publishing deal, work experience in some best kitchens. I adore her so much, her passion, personality, and skill. She deserves to win the competition.


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