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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bangkok Travel Guides

View Bangkok
Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand that had been transformed into a sophisticated city. The city offers so many modern amenities. The people of Thailand keep its unique culture and heritage. We can get the opportunity to experience fascinating glimpse of the culture of the middle soft Thailand bustle in a great and dynamic metropolis. Amazingly, this great city has tremendous success in combining between the ancient and modern worlds. Bangkok has many interesting places to offer, decorated with 400 Buddhist temples, magnificent palaces,  numerous shopping centers and traditional ways of life are still functioning (along the canals and the Chao Phraya), we also can enjoy the classical dance performances.

If you have a plan to go to Thailand, there are some places that you can visit; Thailand Grand Palace, Mansion largest Vimanmek that made of golden teak, and here you can also see traditional Thai dances. It is located in the heart of Bangkok Rattakosin, glittering towers of the Grand Palace temple located nearby Bangkok's most spectacular, including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (WatPhraKeaw), Temple of Dawn (WatArun), WatMahathat, WatSuthat, Wat Pho and WatTraimit, features a large reclining Buddha and was home of the first Thai massage school in the kingdom. These objectives are famous as the top attractions to all visitors who travel to Bangkok and look to appreciate Thailand's unique cultural traditions. There are hundreds functioning Buddhist temples throughout the city, you can spot saffron robed monks collecting morning alms and travel throughout the country, including along the Chao Phraya, the "River of Kings", the past and the Temple of Dawn Rattakosin side. Chao Phraya is connected by winding canals of Bangkok called "Venice of the East", or you can have a cruise on the Chao Phraya, a visit to the floating market, or explore the city "back alley" canals (klongs). Other historical and cultural places in Bangkok include the National Museum, Vimanmek Mansion, and SuanPakkad Palace, all of which either house fine art or national treasures in their own right.

Yup! Tere are so many other attractions that will make your visit enjoyable and memorable.While modern "downtown" districts along Silom and Sukhumvit Road had nightmares of oppressive heat and unbearable traffic, but you choose a modern rail system and comfortable electric trains, including high ceilings and underground subway, connecting hotels directly to modern shopping centers and traditional markets, such as the SuanLum Night Bazaar and Chatuchak (JJ) weekend market, the MRT and BTS electric rail systems have elevated Bangkok to world class status. Your visit will not be complete without experiencing the vibrant nightlife of Thailand, and you may even witness the occasional elephant wandering the streets of Bangkok. 
Where is your travel destination? You can immerse yourself in the unique culture of Thailand, you are guaranteed an exciting combination experience of both modern and old-fashionedlife in Bangkok.

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