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Monday, February 1, 2016

The Baby Teeth Story

Vito and his lovely dentist
My son, Vito, is 6,5 years old now, one of his baby teeth (it's called milk teeth and also known as primary teeth) start wiggling. I immediately took him to see a dentist because he's got the late-loss teeth, I was worried it could disrupt the adult teeth to growth. Vito didn't want his teeth to be removed, and the doctor advised me to wait until next week. Then I decided to return home, on the way home he said that he's going to try pulling out his own teeth by himself.
Vito's bottom front teet
Vito's really excited, he told me that he couldn't wait to see the tooth fairy. Yup! It's just a folklore, but I let him with his understanding by his age. Someday he will notice that it's just a childhood fantasy. January 10, 2016, the night before he was going to bed, suddenly he jumped out of bed and called me because his first milk tooth was successfully pulled and separated well by his own hand. He asked me to place the teeth underneath his pillow, hope the tooth fairy will visit while he's sleeping, replacing the lost teeth with a coin. I whispered to my own self  "Let me be your beloved tooth fairy, boy". He wished the teeth that we put underneath the pillow would turn into something. In the next morning he waked up and checked his pillow, he found a lot of coins, how happy he was! I could see it from his eyes.

I follow the children's fantasy and never deny it. This could be a very-lovely childhood memories he would remember. "Bunda, if I loose my teeth again, will I get the more coins?", he's really sweet, isn't he? "Hmmm... just always be a good boy and you'll get a lot of present".

Keeping the baby tooth are very important. I thank God that my son never gets a toothache. Dental care tips is very simple; Just go and see the dentist every 6 months and the most important thing is brushing your child's tooth in the morning and the night, twice a day. Sometimes when I feel too tired and sleepy, I always ask my son to gargle before bed. However, you should brush your child's teeth before bed. The dental care should be done as early as possible. I hope my experience can inspire parents to take a good care of children's tooth.


  1. Hahahaha pertanyaan vito menggemaskan! Thanks for sharing btw.


    1. Iya, kita harus jawab pertanyaannya serealistis mungkin dan harus masuk logika Vito. hehehe Banyak pertanyaan seru dari anak dan kita harus menyiapkan jawaban yang oke. :)