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Classical Music and Passion

For me, music is a balancing flavors. Music can be enjoyed in some different ways - many genres of music we know. My mother was the first one who introduced me to music, she taught me how to play guitar when I was in elementary school, she even before has studied classical guitar, and I really love the way she plays her guitar, it's beautiful. Also, I was really excited to learn some other musical instruments. When I was in junior high school, my dad bought me a keyboard, and I've been learning it as well. I enjoy listening to music. Even though I love a lot to play musical instruments, I don't really like to perform in front of a lot of people.

Yup! Music gives color to human life. The dynamics and harmony can inspire the heart and give the sense of inner peace. Various genre of music brings everyone to choose the color of music they like. Someone who loves a kind of music ensures themselves very happy, filled with joy, or even loud noise becomes the excitement of the music. This is certainly related to the favors they enjoy. There are some music genres exist. I enjoy almost all the genres. The rock or metal music offers very tempting feeling. Pop or country music brings me to be aware of every single lyric and gives a lot of meaning.

Classical Music

Classical music makes me calm and soothes my mind. It has a beautiful harmony. Classical music always provides a memorable symphony for every human being especially for me. It can give happiness, compassion, joy, even the feeling of sadness and serenity. Most of us like to listen to music, sing a song, or play some musical instruments, that's all the expression of ourselves to the feelings we feel.

I got this beautiful birthday present from my husband about 10 years ago. He's also passionate about music and he's my violin tutor. 

Classical Concert: Amatis Piano Trio 

On April 26th 2016, I was invited by Marketing Communication Manager Prama Grand Preanger, Mas Yan, to come to the classical concert which held in Ballroom - Prama Grand Preanger, Bandung, Indonesia. I was really excited and it's a rare opportunity. There would be Amatis Piano Trio performing - one of my favorites. They are awesome trio I've ever seen. I've subscribed their channel on youTube. They play classical music so beautiful.

Amatis Piano Trio was founded in Netherlands in 2014 by German violinist - Lea Hausmann, Dutch / Chinese pianist - Mengjie Han, and British cellist - Samuel Shepherd. They committed to play modern classical music. They have got so many achievements. Now, they are a leading piano trio in Europe. They've held some concerts and performed extensively throughout Europe. They made some success engagements - concerts in Indonesia, next in China and the USA.

Unfortunately, I couldn't come to the concert, but some (bloggers) friends came and made some kind of live reports, review, and reportages about the concert. I couldn't attend, so I invited my friend who has a daughter who loves classical music. She is Freya, she takes a private music course for classical piano. While watching the concert, she said "Mom, I wanna be like them". It's so touching. I hope someday she will be a great pianist.

The little classical pianist wanna be

Music always presents appropriate taste and desire to every music enthusiasts. Music gives a great nuance which is important in some aspect of human life. Music is always there for me to understand, because it provides harmony in life. 


  1. Waaaw... Teeeeh you can play violin too ? Please let me see teeh..
    I enjoy every genre of music and about amatis piano trio, they are totally awesome ..

    1. Hi teh Sinta. I'm not a pro, just a so-so autodidact violin player. lol

      Unfortunately I could't see their live performance. Definitely the are awesome. :)


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