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My First Pregnancy Experience

At the time knowing that I was pregnant, I immediately maintained my condition. In the first trimester of my pregnancy, it was little bit exhausting but I was really excited. At that time, I was hit by nausea and sensitivity to smells, especially for some kind of fragrance. I could barely contain myself. This occurred during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Basically all the stages of fetal development is important period, but in the first trimester indeed we should keep it as much as possible because this stage is the beginning of the formation of the embryo and the early establishment of the cells of organs, nerves, and spinal cord on the top layer.

My condition during the first trimester wasn't too much trouble, nausea only happened at certain times, morning sickness and when I smelled something bad, then somehow my gastric acid risen instantly, I felt sick and wanted to vomit. It was only just for my first trimester of my pregnancy.

I wasn't too picky and a variety of food intake I could eat, but I would not necessarily be able to eat all kinds of food for sure. I should eat fresh and healthy food. During my pregnancy I consumed lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and also drinking milk pregnancy was good to consume. Every morning to reduce my morning sickness I chosen to consume smoothie or fruit, it was quite refreshing my body and reducing my nausea. My favorite snacks was nuts, it has good nutritional value. I preferred to combine rice/carbohydrate with vegetable or protein with vegetables. During the first trimester of my pregnancy I was more happy to consume fruits, vegetables, and milk. 

Nutrition is important for pregnant women. The food I avoid during my pregnancy is a kind of raw food. I am a sushi lover but during my pregnancy I didn't consume sashimi at all and if I wanted to eat steak, it should be well-done cooked. Raw vegetables must be washed thoroughly, to make sure there's no pesticides left behind because it could be very risky to the fetus.

I enjoy the pregnancy in the first trimester, the fetus was healthy and I could still do some business as usual, my nausea wasn't a big deal because it only came occasionally.  Alhamdulillah.


  1. Every pregnancy has their own story ya Mba', Alhamdulillah when I was pregnant my first child, my pregnancy was also not too difficult for me, everything walk easily... :)

  2. So this is your secret huh :D ha ha ha
    No wonder you got a healthy handsome boy :)
    I love sushi like crazy beb...Here I like to eat sushi without feeling worried of getting health problem as they really care about the hygiene...I have a sensitive tummy..

  3. Zia, I hope I can also share my experience of my 1st pregnancy in English like you did and start having a bog in English. I look forward to creating it once I'm

  4. Sehat dan bahagia terus ya, mbak :))


  5. I am so blessed as both my pregnancy were fantastic and smooth

  6. Wahhh.. Senengnya ya.. Semoga saya pun disegerakan dan dipercaya untuk mendapatkan momongan hehehe
    Makasi sharenya ya mbak ..


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