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Indah Nuria Savitri and Her Purple World

I have met so many inspirational people in my life, they actually always give positive vibes to every person around. One of them is Indah Nuria Savitri, she is inspiring and also a good friend to me. We're close enough to each other because of blogosphere and our everyday chit-chat in our lovely and flawless 😜chat group (arisan link, Group VI - Blogger Perempuan). The group members are really fun, nice, and cheerful. We share everything; talking about random topic, craziness, women's secret, job stuff, and so on.

Indah's #minime
Pic. Courtesy of @Insav
Now, let me talk about Indah, she is a mother of  two gorgeous kids and a loving wife. She and her family live in New York City now. She is a traveler, amateur photographer, purple freak, blogger enthusiast, and breast cancer fighterI even have ever written a blog post about her fight against breast cancer [click here]. Now, she works as a diplomat for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, assigned to the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations in New York City.

She blogs at I really love her blog. She talks about some interesting topics in her daily life. Go and check it out. πŸ˜‰ In this opportunity I actually want to know more about her 'blog world'. I asked her some questions about blogging stuff and her purple world. 

Here we go!

1. When and why did you get into blogging?

I think I have done blogging since long time ago, but not seriously. At least until 2013 ;). I have started writing notes in Friendster back in 2005 with Il Mio Diario, then managed to have two multiply accounts filled with photos and stories from our adventure in Switzerland and beyond, at and Too bad, It was all too late when I realized how precious those posts were when Multiply was closed down! Sadly, I could only save a few posts! Can you imagine that.. all those stories and photos . But well, I learnt my lesson and I started blogging again in 2013 in a free platform,

Then in 2013, I was assigned by my office to join ASEAN Blogger gathering in Solo. I was the MC for the opening ceremony and the whole seminars, as well as the speaker for freedom of expression issues in one of the panels. There, I met mba Alaika Abdullah, Srikandi Blogger 2013 and Mira Sahid, the founder of KEB. I instantly joint KEB at that time and enjoy the rest of my blogging 'career' (let's put it that way 😊) since then.

I love blogging because it gives me the fun platform to express myself! If you have met me in person, you will notice that I love talking LOL. Telling stories, sharing experiences and communicating with people are things I love to do most and they make me what I am now. 

Besides, blogging is like a challenge! Like you constantly challenge yourself to express your ideas in fun ways and convey your 'message' to the world out there.

See, it's not hard to see why I love blogging so much. It's SO ME. 😁

2. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Well, mostly from my colorful world, day-to-day rituals and simply everything that I see fit. My family, my trips and travels, my kitchen, my fight against cancer, my lipsticks collection, my back stage and front row experience,  the event surrounding me, the sky, the flowers... the list goes on and on and on 😊.

Everything under the sun, so to speak 😊.

Sometimes, just going out and take a look at the sky will inspire me to take pictures and put it in my blog. Some special events at the office or in the outside world also add more stories to My Purple World. My culinary experiences (hail to the foodie πŸ˜‰) can be easily found in my blog as well 😊. I stick to my 'gado-gado' style in blogging up until now 😊.

3. What has changed about blogging culture and the blogging industry since you started?

You can obviously see that the blogsphere is blooming, particularly in Indonesia. Now market sees bloggers as potential partners and it opens up many doors of opportunities as well as challenges to bloggers, as many companies request bloggers to help mostly with the marketing. So, more money and fun activities involve here. Bloggers are part of the launching ceremonies, get free stuff in order to write their reviews and get paid for their posts. Exciting, right!

When I started blogging, I purely use this platform to write whatever my heart tells me so. My blog, my stories!

Now, you are intrigued to be 'professional bloggers' and negotiate with others, mostly agencies, regarding the content of your blog. That brings a lot of changes in blog world and more competitions as well. You are now challenged to be able to present your ideas in creative ways so that it will generate more readers and followers.

But for me, blogging should bring joy and happiness as well as the feeling of accomplishment, that you have contributed something to the world.

4. About your blog theme, is there any personal philosophy of purple world?


To me, purple it's not just the color. It's the bold shade that has long been associated with royal, charisma, and magic! Go google it πŸ˜‰. It's the color that perfectly represents me, or at least that's how I feel about 😊.

But to me, as purple is my favorite color, my purple world means a melange of my favorite things in the world. My beloved family, my 'itchy feet' and trips across the globe, my flavory kitchen, my make-up addict, my love to Indonesia and its endless beauty, my diving trips, my jaw-dropping moments in NYFW.... all are amusingly showcased in my blog. So, it's my blog, my world.

5. I've read your blog posts about cancer, how cancer affects your life? You've survived but haven't finished the fight. So proud of you, you keep struggling with cancer awareness campaign. 

Thanks for your support as well!

It's indeed one of my biggest battles in life and I intend to win it, insya Allah!

Cancer will certainly change your life! Not only because you have to fight and endure all the exhausting procedures that you have to go through in order to kick those cancer cells away from your body, but also because it gives you different perspectives in life and new attitudes in perceiving all the blessings in your life.

In the lowest point of your life, where pain, fear, anxiety, depression and sadness seem to insistingly linger around you, you will see things differently.

I reset the priorities in my life and revitalize, if I can put it that way, my connection with  the Almighty, my Creator 😊.

It's tiring, agitating and stressful indeed,   but, hey.. you never know the strength you  have within until you put it in a test, right?

6. Could you please offer some words of encouragement to other bloggers in order to motivate each other?

Keep your 'soul' in blogging! 

If it's your passion, your 'thing', or simply something that makes you happy, keep doing it with love! Words are often said to be more powerful than swords, so hopefully we can always inspire others through our blogs, our stories, our shared experiences.

I have seen so many bloggers slipping away from expressing their true selves, their true potentials, simply because of the temptation to 'monetize' their blogs. 

Well, again, of course, it's your choice..  but blogging is much more fun than just reviews and paid posts.

Another thing I treasure from blogging world is its cycle of friends. There is a great world out there and blogging gives you the opportunity to know about more things, more places, more people and to know more about your true self! So, seize it!

I hope you all enjoy blogging as much as I do. πŸ’œ

"For me, she is a wonderful person with a wonderful heart. 
Thank you for your kindness and inspiration."


  1. We ow we (wow) maksudnya. Eh english mode ya.
    Okey. Ehm.
    I joined asean blogger also in bekasi but no action further.
    I like mbak indah's blog as well and ypu know what? She does blogwalking often. We ow we!
    Salute for both of you (zia and mbak indah)

    1. She's humble. I adore her. She always does blogwalking to my blog as well.

      Sending hugs to you mba Ratu :*

  2. Yes..she really is an inpsiration indeed! A tough lady!
    Sehat selalu mba indah n ziaaa...

    1. Definitely, she is so inspiring.
      Thank you, mba Susan.

      Sehat-sehat juga mba Susan dan keluarga :*

  3. Wah bahasa inggris nih, gimana ngomongnya!

    1. Ngga apa-apa ceu Ida, pake bahasa Indonesia aja komennya. :* Hehehe

  4. Dearest Ziaaaa.. thanks a million! Really appreciate your interest in sharing this little story of mine. Cheeers...

    1. My dear mba Indah, with my pleasure. Happy to share your wonderful and inspiring story. :)


  5. Keren banget sih ulasanyya Tehhh...
    Proud of you and Mbak Indah..

  6. Indah Nuria Savitri inspiring blogger

  7. Couldnt agree more... Mbak Insav is a truly inspiring woman. Aku juga kenal Mbak Indah dan merasa beruntung karena kenal beliau. Suka ulasannya <3

    1. We are all lucky to be her friends. Thank you, Putri.

      Hugs! :*

  8. Thanks fpr sharing mbak zia....jd "kenal" kalian dan banyak belajar dari kisah mbak Insav...keep spirit mbak Insav, smg Allah mengangkat penyakitnya and mbak zia keep sharing ��

    *salam kenal

    1. Thank you, mba Anggi. Alhamdulillah mba Indah sudah lepas dari penyakitnya, dan sekarang masih terus berjuang untuk membantu penderita dan pejuang kanker lainnya.


      Salam kenal juga mba Anggi :)

  9. mak indah itu blogger kesukaan aku..humble banget dan perhatian pada blogger lain.

    1. Betul mbak Ade. Kita satu grup chat dan perangainya mba Indah sangat menyenangkan, penyayang, dan rendah hati. :)

  10. sangat menginspirasi dan memotivasi

    1. Betul mas, beliau sangat menginspirasi dan selalu memberikan motivasi yang baik dan positif.

      Terima kasih sudah berkunjung :)


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