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My First Giveaway (Blog Anniversary)

March 8 is celebrated as International Women's Day (IWD). It is an event that occurred in many countries in the world where women deliver their voice in the name of justice, security, and equality of rights.

Today, the woman has achieved a variety of brilliant achievements ranging from the fields of politics, economy, social, culture, law, and many more. This year the International Women's Day (106th) is celebrated in many more countries around the world with various activities such as art shows, conferences, charities, campaign, and parade.

I think every woman has an important role in all aspects of life. I believe there are many women who can inspire people around us. With this background and in this opportunity, I intended to hold a simple giveaway. Because it's held in March, so the giveaway theme's about inspirational woman. It's to celebrate my blogs' anniversary (Zeelhouette - 4 years and Ruang Baca dan Tulis - 3 years).

Thank God, my first giveaway run well. During the two-week competition period and assessment, in accordance with the schedule (13 of April 2017), I finally announced the giveaway winners (Period 13 - 31 of March 2017). There are 31 participant links that have been registered at # Ziagiveaway2017 for two categories (instagram and blog).

I really appreciate all the participants for their willingness and participation and especially to the sponsors, Widya Yuliandari (@widyanti_yuliandari) and Suzie Icus (@siswawirausaha) for some additional prizes (beautiful clutch and woman bag by ITACO).

Due to the limited of some things. This giveaway was held for those who live in Indonesia only, but I hope that next year I can hold a giveaway again with a bigger prize and not only for participants in Indonesia but also abroad. 


  1. apologies for not joining your GA. I hope it was successfully held.

    1. Hai mba Indah. that's okay. No problem. Alhamdulillah everything run well. :)


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