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Diah Dwi Arti: The Mommy Blogger

Blogosphere is always exciting for me and meeting other bloggers is such a great opportunity. Lucky me to meet Diah Dwi Arti, she is one of good bloggers that I know. We joined the same blogging community.

Please allow me to introduce Diah Dwi Arti and her blogging journey. She is a great woman, housewife, and mom blogger as well. She's from Yogjakarta, but now she lives in Madiun. She's a mother of two sons: Damar and Darojat. The first time I visited her blog, I thought her name was Damarojat, I was totally wrong, Damarojat is her blog's name that comes after her sons' name.

I love to visit and read her blog, she used to write about her daily activities that is interesting, unique, informative, wise, and good to share. She also enjoys writing about idealism stuff, she said "without idealism, life is just a hollow". He writes based on her conscience but it's still in the corridor of ethics and responsibility. She writes a lot in Bahasa Indonesia, sometimes inserts a foreign language or local languages in order to be enjoyed by her readers. I think she is a unique blogger. She also writes in English on her other blog (Mommy's Next Step).

To know more about Diah Dwi Arti, I've asked a few things about her blog world.

1. When did you start writing and what is your motivation in blogging?
I started writing my blog on July 2013, began with my Indonesian blog, which was still I blog for expressing my feelings and thoughts. I used to write on facebook, but later I found that facebook couldn’t be a good place to write anymore then I decided to build a blog. I feel that through blogging I can spread my words to the world without being too expossed to public. And that’s why I chose ‘damarojat’ as my blogger name. And up to now I feel comfortable with this name.

2. What type of writing are you to focus on?
I write anything. About my kids, my family trip, my dreams, my goals, anything related to me, hahaha... After some time blogging, I found a nice tag for my blog, that is ‘Blog Tentang Perempuan dan Keluarga’. A little bit too late to create a self branding, but better late than never.

3. What expectations do you have for yourself as a blogger?
I have no other expectations but enjoying this activity. I just want my kids to understand that their mom writes good things.

4. Where do you usually get your inspiration from?
From everyday life. I usually got inspiration from chatting with other people. They could be my family member, a friend of mine. But I had a bad experience with it. I once wrote about my big family story and then unexpectedly one of my family member showed a negatif respond to that article. I didn’t write about shameful thing or anything bad, but that post had  perhaps humiliated other family member’s feeling. I learnt from that and try not to tell about my family too often. I seldom mention my kids names as well for that reason.

5. What kind of blogging schedule do you keep?
I have no specific schedule. Haha...what kind of blogger am I? I just manage to post at least two articles per week. For supporting that ‘schedule’, I join three blogging collaborations. One of them is arranged to be published every Wednesday, and another one is a bi-weekly post, published every Monday. The other one is a monthly collaboration post, which has the most flexible posting day.

6. What is the biggest struggles you face in your blogging journey, and how do to overcome that?
I started blogging with smart phone. That was a big effort to finish a blog post, but I got used to it and I enjoyed it. Up to today that smart phone is still here with me and I sometimes still finish my blog posts with that gadget. A few months ago my husband gave his old laptop to me, and after that I can enjoy writing with it. What’s the biggest difference between writing with smart phone and laptop? I can write longer with laptop.

7. I love reading your English blog, could you please tell me about that (its background)?
It was a crazy idea at first. I sometimes speak to myself in English while riding motorbike or watching TV or doing anything. I found that sometimes ideas can be expressed better in other language.But  I worried if I write in English and label that post with ‘English’ I could ruin my first blog as I dedicated that blog for Indonesian Language. So, I decided to build another blog in English,, where I can write anything I like with no worries. Small things, no target. It’s just for fun. But then I realized that this English blog is worth to maintain as I saw ads on my blog! Ads? Oh, I couldn't believe it! After that I managed to collaborate with another blogger to write posts in English, bi-weekly. I know that my English is far from good, but I think I should go on.

In her blogs we can read posts about a mom's life. It includes her family, her hobbies and her dreams. She lives with her husband and two sons. She's a full-time stay-at-home mom just like me. She loves blogging as it challenges herself to always learn new things. She also joined several blogger communities, some of them are mom blogger communities. From there she learn to blog from scratch. To her, joining good and qualified communities are important. Indeed! I can't agree more. 😊

You can say hi or keep in touch with her:



  1. wah aku hanay bisa ngeblog satu minggu dua kali saja

    1. Aku juga ngeblog di saat waktu luang. Salut banget dengan yang bisa konsisten. :)

  2. Woow, kwerweeen, Dwi Arti bisa manage blognya dengan teratur. Gak kek bunda nih, yg kadang 1xsebulan, hehe...kecuali lg ada job bisa bngt tiap hari.

    1. Iya bunda, aku juga salut sama mba Diah yang selalu bisa ngeblog teratur. Aku masih moody. hehehehe. Sama kita, bun. :D

  3. Ternyata beliau pemilik situs tooo

    1. Betul, punya mba Diah. Hehehe

  4. Same with you mba Zia, i think her name is Damarojat LOL

    1. Hehehe... That's what we thought, and finally we knew her real name. :)

  5. Kayanya saya belum pernah main ke yg mommysnextstep

    1. Boleh coba berkunjung ke sana deh, Teh. Bagus dan banyak informasi yang oke banget. Hehehe


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