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Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Influence of Radio (World Radio Day 2020)

I officially joined one of radio stations in Bandung in 2019. I really got into radio since I was a young girl. Actually, I've written about World Radio Day celebration last year, and I'm gonna take another point of view. 

13 February was proclaimed as World Radio Day by the Member States of UNESCO in 2011 and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2013, it is to commemorate the founding of United Nations Radio in 1946. Radio can be a powerful medium for humanity in diversity. As we all know that radio is one of the early contributors of mass media, it is a technology that has power to affect many sectors; education, culture, personal thoughts, etc. 

While the world population is continually growing, it seems to be getting easier as we are able to connect to people in some ways that never imagined before. Technology has changed our lives. It started off as a form of entertainment, people began to see the benefits of technology. And it all started from radio wave. 

At the global level, radio remains the most widely consumed medium. It has unique ability to reach out the widest audience world wide (nowadays). Radio can shape a society’s experience and be a medium for voices to speak out/ be heard/ and represented. Radio stations can serve diverse communities, a variety of programs, viewpoints, and content for organizations or communities.

On World Radio Day 2020 (WRD 2020), UNESCO calls on radio stations to uphold diversity (newsroom and airwaves). This year WRD 2020 is divided into three main sub-themes:
  • Advocating for pluralism in radio.
  • Encouraging representation in the newsroom
  • Promoting a diversity of editorial content and program types

The World Radio Day theme of the year 2020: Radio and Diversity. 

Bruce Girard said that more than eighty years after the world's first station was founded, radio is still the most pervasive, accessible, affordable, and flexible mass medium available, especially in the developing world. 
I encourage you to listen to the radio to hear great play list and of course there's a lot of fun things you can get. Unless you reload your pod every couple days, cause if you don't, you'll listen to and recycle the same music all the time. 

I still listen to the radio, do you? :)