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The Surprising Benefits of Online Video Games for Children

Some children play video games for recreational and they still can maintain excellent performance in school. There's a research shows benefit of playing video games. Research by the Queensland University of Technology has found that games can improve thinking ability in children. Games often require children to follow instructions, respond to problems, and consider their actions. It can help develop thinking skills. 

Some of online video games can help players developing leadership skills, problem-solving skills, and the ability to deal with unexpected consequences, because they enhance a player's skills of observation, intuitive abilities, alertness, and concentration.

My son loves to play video games as well. We might not realize that video games actually can improve social skills. How come? Online games have created a fun and engaging way of connecting with other players. My son and his friends usually use a platform, it's a VoIP (instant messaging and digital distribution platform), with this tools they can communicate to each other with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, and send media/ files in chats.

Not only children, adults also enjoy playing video games. Posso suggests that students who regularly spend time playing online games are developing analytical and problem-solving skills that can also help them in their schoolwork. 

BUT, here is the thing, if we, as parents, can't control children in playing games, of course there are the negative consequences of addiction of playing video games will appear. 
  • Lack of time for playing outdoor games.
  • Isolation from society.
  • Detrimental influence on health.
There's also research that implies video games could lead to disrupted sleep, media addiction, and violent behavior*. This is what we all should consider. 

* #notetoparents Don't be aggresive to children! 

The Best Video Game for Children 

There are so many kind of online games for children. I want to tell you one of my favorite online game websites, it's, It offers players hundreds of free games (across every genre). What do I like about this? All games in the collection are unblocked free HTML games which we can play directly in their web browser with no app downloads. Hooray! is the most kid friendly video games. It's also easy to access. 

  • Mobile Friendly Cross Browser Support.
  • This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, it offers cross-device gameplay. 
  • We can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. 
  • All game files are stored locally in web browser cache.
  • This game works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.
  • This game is suited for all ages. 
  • This game has no adult content.

This website has favorite feature that is powered by cookies in the web browser, so the links would be stored on a per-device and per-browser basis. If we clear cookies, change web browser, or use a different device, the favorite selections would not work. We also can create user accounts and allow the favorites to sync across. 


Newest added games:

The categories that can be played by children (and parents) include strategy games, sports games, adventure and exploration games, card and board games, puzzle games, fast-action arcade games, and so on. Some categories employ game-play elements to teach reading, writing, problem solving, and other basic skills.

So, is it good or bad? and what other benefits of online video game for children? It's so true that some studies have shown certain video games can improve hand and eye coordination, the mind's ability, information process, and problem solving skills. The bad thing of course if too much video game playing and there's no parental guidance, it may cause some problems. I suggest you to play video games together with your child, because it can improve your child's mood. We sometimes focus and get more attention on the potential dangers than on the benefits of video games. We have to realize that online video games are a normal part of modern childhood these days.


  1. Hi Zia. Long time no communication between us. Apa kabar Zia? Btw speaking abkut OL games, non of my grandsons don't like any OL games. They even getting along with many friends from abroad. They practise speaking in English. Bunda's proud of them. ZUMA was the only OL game I'm familiar with., LOL. Hope later I still have a chance to play more OL games. Nice chatting w/u in this group. Warm regards

    1. Bundaaaaaa I miss you so much. I'm good. Hope you're fine as well. Thanks for dropping your comment. Nice to keep in touch with you. May Allah always bless you, Bunda. Stay healthy and happy. Warm regards. 😘

  2. Ayee.. Mbak Zia play in here too? Anakku udah utak-atik nih, dan dia lagi suka menggambar eh mewarnai di

    Mainnya seru, pun nggak usah install aplikasi, pula!

  3. main game juga perlu pendampingan ya mbak, karena kalau rekomendasi gamenya benar, akan melejitkan potensi anak. Tak bisa dinafikan banyak manfaat bermain game online untuk anak-anak ya mbak. Oiya anak saya main game di mbak, karena banyak juga permainan game untuk anak pre-K nya

  4. Kalau saya suka main game manajemen di ini.
    Sering juga main sama anak-anak, main yang kategori kartun atau komik, saya takjub mereka bisa menang terus loh, padahal mainnya luar biasa sih menurut saya.

    Keren sih menurut saya main di ini, lebih simple dan pilihan game nya banyak :)

  5. Banyak juga manfaat bermain video game buat anak-anak, ya, Mbak. Asal waktunya nggak berlebihan dan nggak kecanduan. Plays banyak juga kategori gamenya. Jadi anak bisa pilih suka-suka.

  6. Aku sama anakku suka main di nih mba. Favoritnya dia Powerpuff girls, sponge bob dan Frozen. Seru dan ringan ya games disana


  7. Wah senangnya main game di browser, tanpa harus download aplikasi lagi. Anak saya juga sekarang senang main game teh, dan sebisa mungkin dikasih waktu tertentu biar gak kena dampak negatifnya. Dapet insight baru kalau main games juga bisa keterampilan sosial sama temen-temennya, dan melatih sikap cekatan

  8. zaman digital banyak kegiatan juga kegiatan yg bisa dilakukan anak. Cuma aku agak khawatir kalau mereka main gamenya kecanduan. ortu wajib mendampingi utk memanajemen waktu mereka.

  9. wah anakku nih, lagi seneng download2 game :)) dia lagi eksplore, cobain yang dia suka, kalo ga suka langsung uninstall lalu coba download lagi yang lain, gitu aja terus. tapi aku batasi cuma ada 3 games aja di hp dan dibatasi juga jam mainnya :D

  10. Mantap kalau teh Zia yang bikin ulasan.
    Kami juga suka bermain. Dan melatih motorik anak bisa dengan cara santai seperti bermain games di

  11. Salah satu tempat Plays game yang seru ya ini, bisa main game bareng anak-anak dan pasangan lagi. Sesekali pas senggang, main game menurutku penting banget buat reduce stres juga, yang penting bisa bagi waktu ya


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