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Monday, June 6, 2022

Agribusiness: Premium Local Strawberry (Strawberry Production in West Java, Indonesia)

Indonesia is an agricultural country. West Java is one of the centers of agriculture in Indonesia. The industrial sector plays a major role, while the agricultural sector is the second largest business opportunity. Strawberry production in West Java is high, but the amount of strawberry production has been decreasing. 

The table shows that the production of strawberries in West Java has decreased from 2017 to 2019. According to BPS, Horticultural Agriculture Statistics, the decline in strawberry production has decreased along with the decreasing of agricultural area. It occurred because some of conventional strawberry farmers no longer cultivate strawberries due to the ease of attack by pests and diseases that require high maintenance costs, so many farmers replace them with other commodities.

The increase of strawberry production will be able to fulfill market demand, and it should be followed by development efforts that anticipate market behavior. Market behavior in marketing efficiency is how market participants (producers, consumers, and marketing agencies) can adjust to the sales and buying situations. 

Agribusiness for strawberry commodity has a good opportunity, it should refers to the enterprises, the industry, the system, and the interrelated & interdependent value chains in agriculture (strawberry farming).


• Emphasize; This stage is approached to the customers, reviewing customer satisfaction during product introductions. 

• Define; The information that has been collected from the customer at the empathize stage. It’s analyzed and resolved by determining the core problem to be identified. The define stage can help to solve the customer problems. 

• Ideas; This stage is to generate ideas for solving the problems that have been defined in the define stage. Get and build on as many ideas or problem solutions as possible early in the idea phase. 

• Prototype; It presents a version of the product or what is the latest innovation. Starting from the seeding it takes about 3-4 months until the strawberry is ready to be harvested. 

•  Test; Product testing and evaluation is carried out by the customers. Products began to be marketed and feedback from customers became a reference for future development.

  • Founder begins with an innovation that is triggered by personal and environmental factors. The success of a company is closely related to the role of the founder of the company. In the field of agribusiness, the founder must be able to generate innovation and increase creativity for business development and balance the team, resources, and opportunities. 
  • Entrepreneurship is driven by an opportunity, or even a market that shapes an opportunity. In this case the market demand for premium strawberries is the main benchmark in assessing an opportunity, market structure and market size help define an opportunity, and margin analysis can distinguish between an idea and a business opportunity. 
  • Resources are an important aspect of a business. In the field of agribusiness, of course, various resources must be managed properly, including: natural resources, finance, assets, and people, in business planning. 
  • Team are critical to business success. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the strength and quality of the team in running the business. Team work in business is the key to running a business well. 

Imported horticultural products have become an increasingly significant part of the market in Indonesia. Domestic fruit production is unable to fulfill the high market demand. One of the subtropical fruits that decreases in production is the strawberry. 

Every year Indonesia imports premium strawberries from several countries, such as; South Korea, United States, and Australia. Strawberry agribusiness industry has a good opportunity in the level of competition (competitors), the strength of new entrants, suppliers, consumers, and substitute products. Strawberry commodity has high economic value. 


MY BERRY FARM is a premium local strawberry agribusiness that started on November 14, 2020. The founder of My Berry Farm is Siti Fauzia. Strawberry plantations are located in Ciwidey, West Java, Indonesia. Strawberry variety that is cultivated is premium quality. It is the result of a cross between California and Festival (Fragaria x ananassa), My Berry Farm offers high quality local strawberries.

My Berry Farm sees a premium local strawberry business opportunity. The availability of local premium strawberries in Indonesia is limited but the demand of premium strawberries is high, so My Berry Farm plans to cultivate superior quality local strawberries that can compete with imported quality strawberries. 

Fauzia, Siti.  2022. Business Plan: My Berry Farm. Bandung: Magister Management - Widyatama University.


  1. hasilnya terlihat jelas ya berdasarkan gradenya gitu.
    pastinya yang premium ini yang jadi komuditas unggulan.
    bisa jadi salah satu ide bisnis yang menguntungkan ya ini bercocok tanam strawberi :)

  2. I thought strawberry production is high. There are a lot of restaurant using strawberry as the main menu and strawberry plantation-tourism collaboration. Now I know that actually the production is not high enough. Good luck for the Berry Farm. We have the best farming sources in the world. We shouldn't import it.

  3. Perkebunan teh di dekat kampung saya juga sekarang sudah banyak beralih fungsi jadi perkebunan strawberry. Mereka awalnya ngontrak lahan, lama lama jadi betah dan meluas

  4. bravoooo Ziaaa... hope your wonderful agriculture business will continue to grow yaa

  5. duh, kapan aku bisa main di perkebunan strawberry salah satu buah kesukaanku dan anak-anak, enak dibuat jus, dimakan langsung, apalagi strawberry jenis premium yang gede begini. Asyik ya mba kalau bisa punya lahan perkebunan

  6. Kind of good opportunities for farmers to plant some of their land with premium strawberry. Hopefully there will be any programm that reach farmers from any other suburb areas

  7. It's so amazing, Zi.
    Always provide the freshest and best products from the best Farm.
    And being cared for with love.

  8. Ya semoga produksi stroberi lokal ini bisa menyaingi atau bahkan melampuai stroberi impor ya. Selalu merasa bangga aja dengan produk lokal yang semakin ke sini tidak kalah sainglah kualitasnya dengan yg impor