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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hedonism in Institutional Education

Hedonism in Greek philosophy is a doctrine of pleasure which is defined as a single major in the life of goodness, the desire to pursue an ideal of behavior. Two important hedonism theory described in ancient Greece; the Cyrenaics, or egoistic hedonists, espoused the doctrine is one's immediate personal gratification regardless of others, considered the highest existence. While the Epicurean or hedonist rational argues that true pleasure can only be achieved by the mind.

The fact is the case today the educational institution (High school or university) would not escape the hedonism. Starting from the fleet of luxurious, sophisticated gadgets, and branded clothes are used as a barometer for the mutual pursuit of prestige which placed in high achievement. Judging from the hedonistic theory, unfortunately most of the student adopts egoistic hedonist that leads to arrogance and rule out the essence of ethics and fairness. It concerned if you see the reality. If students understand the hedonists upholds rational which puts education as the highest pleasure will certainly make the image of a young generation of students as an eccentric, elegant, and intellect.

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