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"It's a family blog, tells you everything about parenting, education, experience, lifestyle, etc. There are some literary pieces that you can enjoy. It's also a personal space which you may learn from it. Here! You are eagerly and delightedly accepted..."

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My name is Siti Fauzia. You can call me Zia. I'm a lecturer, digital marketing specialist, content writer, blogger, and entrepreneur. I love writing, listening to music, and playing some musical instruments such as guitar, piano, and violin.

I love to learn, create, and manage something properly and making breakthrough with my fresh idea as I have many ideas that ready to deliver. For me, self-expressing has really good value; delivering the information, knowledge, and even experiences that people may learn from it.

Here's my little story, why I love blogging. [CLICK HERE]

Achievements and Experiences

2022 Lecturer Widyatama University
2020 Owner My Berry Farm and Excel Green Farm
2020 Program Director Mom and Kids Radio Bandung
2019 Content Manager Mom and Kids Radio Bandung
2017 Digital Marketing Officer RSU Hermina Arcamanik
2016 Freelance Writer & Blogger Partner (Optify and InboundID)
2015 Correspondent (media online and local/national newspaper)
2013 Contributor - Book of Anthology "100 Penyair Perempuan dalam Puisi" (KPPI)
2012 Content writer (InboundID)
2012 English Teacher (Sony Sugema College)
2011 Best Nominator - Fiction Competition Dumala Pustaka Publisher
2008 Correspondent of Media Indonesia and Galamedia
2007 Participant of Journalism Workshop with Media Indonesia
2007 Participant of Journalism Workshop with The Jakarta Post
2005 Protocol at the Asian - African Summit 2005 and Commemoration of the Golden Jubilee of the Asian - African Conference 1955
2003 Delegation (representative) from West-Java for National Arts Jamboree in Jakarta
2003 Purna Paskibraka Indonesia - Paskibra Kota Bandung

My anthology book

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