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"It's a family blog, tells you everything about parenting, education, experience, lifestyle, etc. There are some literary pieces that you can enjoy. It's also a personal space which you may learn from it. Here! You are eagerly and delightedly accepted..."

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My full name is Siti Fauzia. Zia is my nickname. I'm a full-time mother, a private English teacher, digital marketing enthusiast, and entrepreneur (taking care of @myberryfarm). I do love writing (as a freelance writer, happy blogger, and citizen journalist), for me writing is a self-expressing that has really good value; Delivering the information, education, and even the experience that people may learn from it, it's priceless. I do like listening to music, and playing some musical instruments as well such guitar, piano, and violin. Music makes me happy and produces good mood for my own self. I love to learn, create, and manage something properly. I am an acquisitive person. I like making a breakthrough with my fresh idea as I have many ideas that ready to deliver to public.

Here's my little story, why I love blogging. [CLICK HERE]

Achievements and Experiences
2020 Program Director Mom and Kids Radio Bandung
2019 Content Manager Mom and Kids Radio Bandung
2017 Digital Marketing Officer RSU Hermina Arcamanik
2016 Freelance Writer & Blogger partner (Optify and InboundID)
2015 Correspondent (media online)
2013 Contributor - Book of Anthology "100 Penyair Perempuan dalam Puisi" (KPPI)
2012 Content writer (InboundID)
2012 English Teacher (Sony Sugema College)
2011 Nominator - top 30 (from 596 participant) fiction competition Dumala Pustaka Publisher
2008 Correspondent of Media Indonesia and Galamedia
2007 Participant of Journalism Workshop with Media Indonesia
2007 Participant of 2-Days Journalism Workshop with The Jakarta Post
2005 Protocol at the Asian - African Summit 2005 and Commemoration of the Golden Jubilee of the Asian - African Conference 1955
2003 Delegation (representative) from West-Java for National Arts Jamboree in Jakarta

My first anthology

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